Bird Toys for Sale Sydney

Enrichment will in fact effect your bird in a positive way with its mental and physical development and will aid in training your bird. With enrichment  you will actually end up with a better, less fearful, friendlier and relaxed bird which will be more easily trained. Enrichment can be chew toys, play toys, leather toys, acrylic plastic toys, wooden toys, shredding toys, ropes, swings, ladders, bells, balls, birdie balls, plain card board, small boxes, wicker baskets, tray of wheat grass,  plants, bird baths, different foods, food kebabs and nuts, just to name a few (all available at birdsville).

You may also find in your local area pine cones, hide food inside pine cones, twigs, bendy branches, flowers and branches- safe flowers are bottle brush, grevellia, eucalypt melaleuca flowers, hubiscus, marygolds, dandy lions leaves and all, roses, violets to name a few.

*Note: anything found outside should be disinfected and non poisonous.

Select toys according to your birds size, personality, likes, dislike and so on.





Toys are used as a form of environmental enrichment but enrichment shouldn’t stop there.  As an ex zoo keeper it was a major concern that all animals must have a variety environmental enrichment to keep the critters entertained. This is the same for anyone who has a caged bird at home.  Enrichment is important because birds simply can not thrive with only perches, food and water.  The fact is birds provided with enrichment are unlikely to develop psychological problems such as self mutilation, feather plucking and excessive squawking.

*Enrichment tip – the trick to keeping them entertained is regularly rotating toys as they will become bored with the same toy in there cage day after day.  Changing them regularly will create interest for your bird as if they are receiving a whole new toy to play with.