Bird Boarding

Sydney Bird Boarding

Bird Boarding in Sydney has never been easier than at Birdsville. The new modern premises at 684 Botany Road, Alexandria, NSW, boasts new climate controlled, custom made habitats/cages in various sizes ready for your pet bird to enjoy whilst you are away.

Next time you go on holidays, away on business, or need to find the perfect temporary home for your precious feathered friend, our bird boarding facility at Birdsville is the answer. Our caring Birdsville team will insure your bird will be well cared for with our premium service in our climate controlled premises, where you will have peace of mind that your loving companion is well feed, stimulated, happy and secure. When you have your dates, just call Birdsville on 02 96691766. Our team will require a time of drop off and will then coordinate, arrange and care for your bird in your absence. There is no need to bring a cage, feed or treats as we provide  this – just a few of your birds favourite toys are required or you can purchase a few at Birdsville.  All boarding fees are paid upfront and in full on the first day of boarding for the full duration of their visit.

Sydney Bird Boarding Facility

* Advanced Bookings are advisable, especially during school holidays and over the Christmas/New Year period.

Boarding includes:Bird Boarding

  • Daily cage cleaning (change of paper and disinfected with vet recommended F10 solution).
  • Daily changing of seed and water (Lori dry and/or wet for Lorikeets).
  • Visual health checks and nurturing team interaction.


  • Freshly chopped fruit and veg provided about 3:30 pm if applicable.
  • Visual health check and team nurturing team interaction.

At Birdsville, our birds are able to interact with other birds by observing and hearing the other bird in the room. The cages are modern, clean, secure (padlocked) and the room is climate controlled.  Tame birds with clipped wings (and with owner’s permitting) will be allowed out of their cage petted and handled, usually during the cage cleaning process.

Birdsville Bird Boarding Rates

Boarding Fees may vary depending on the bird and care required.

Bird Boading

Approximately: Small birds (Budgies, Finches, Lovebirds)

  • $6 a day for a single bird
  • Addition birds in same cage $3 each bird
  • In house cage size- hight 450mm Width 400mm and depth 460 mm.
  • Upsize your cage for an additional fee (subject to availability).

Approximately: Small to medium birds (Cockatiels, Green Cheek Conures, Quakers, Ring Necks, Sun Conure’s)

  • $9 day for a single bird
  • Addition birds in same cage $4.50 each bird
  • Upsize your cage for an additional fee (subject to availability).
  • In house Cage size- Hight 450mm, by 400mm wide and Depth 460mm.


Approximately: (Lorikeets)

  • $10.00 day for a single bird
  • Additional birds in same cage $5.00 each bird
  • Upsize your cage for an additional fee if of $3.50 or $600 a day (subject to availability) depending on cage size.
  • In house cage size- Hight 450mm by 400mm wide and 460mm deep.

Approximately Medium size Parrots such as Large Lories and Alexandrine parrots, Hahns Macaws and Caiques.Bird Boarding


  • $13.50 a day for a single bird
  • Additional birds in the same cage will be an extra 50% of the daily rate.
  • Upsize your cage for an additional fee of $2.40 a day (subject to availability)
  • In house cage size- Hight 700mm by 950mm wide and 580mm deep.

Approximately: Medium to large birds ( Galahs, Major Mitcheles, Corellas, Amazons, large lories,  Eclectus, Chickens)

  • $15.90 a day for a single bird
  • Additional birds in same cage $7.95 each bird
  • In house cage size- hight 1040mm  by 950 wide and 580mm deep.

Bird BoardingApproximately: Ex-large (Macaw, Sulphur Crested Cockatoos)

  • $20.50 a day for each single bird

Please Note: * Day of drop off and day of pick up is inclusive of price, boarding is priced per day.  So there is no confusion, if you drop your bird for boarding on a monday  afternoon the 9th of november and pick your bird up on tuesday Morning the 10th of november this counts for 2 days of boarding.  For any extra care such as added supplements, hand feeding or medication this possibly will incur a daily fee.

Your Birds will be in an active room with people frequently in the room and other birds in the same room.  They will never feel alone.

What you need to bring for bird boardingBird Boarding

  • You will need your birds favourite behavioural enrichment toys to play with during their stay, this is a requirement for all birds boarding with us, as it is our policy to provide stimulation and behavioural enrichment toys to our birds.  You can bring your own toys or purchase some new toys at Birdsville.  We will not board birds without enrichment toys, as your bird will naturally miss the owners (you) while you are away as this can stress the bird and make it possible for your bird to start plucking, this is why we will not board any bird without toys.  Separation anxiety is real with birds and a mix with toys and the fact our boarding facility is very open with a hive of activity all day long your bird should enjoy staying at the Birdsville hotel.

Please Note: Birds with any diseases or illness are not able to be bordered at our boarding facility due to risk of infection of shop birds and other boarding birds.