Sydney Pet Bird Rescue

Re-homing Parrot’s and Pet Birds In Sydney

Sydney Pet Bird Rescue No kill Shelter and no charge.

We have never said no to any Healthy pet bird that needs to find a home

We cannot re home un licensed or wild birds that belong in the wild or sick bird.

Owning a bird is a very rewarding experience, however it does come  with a great deal of responsibility.  Some bird owners find them self in a position where they feel they need to give up their bird, this could be for a number of different reasons although giving up an unwanted pet should always be a last resort.  we do appreciate in some circumstances giving up a bird is the right thing to do. It can be a distressing time for both you and your bird so it must be done the right way.   This is where we have helped thousands of unwanted birds find a forever home and also assisted bird owners peace of mind when coming to this difficult decision.

We have never said no to any bird needing a home the only conditions are we can not take licenced birds without licences, wild birds or sick and injured birds as we are not sydney wildlife and we are not a vet.

Bird Re Homing

One thing we do appreciate is handing us any information on paper about the bird being re homed such as name, age likes and dislikes, suitability with kids etc.  The new owners will appreciate knowing some of the history which will also help in finding them the perfect home.

Re homing or Lost birds

Birdsville has a facebook page Birdsville bird is the word, dedicated to finding peoples lost feathered companions if you or a friend have lost a bird this is a great place to get the word out as we have a number of vets in the local sydney area and bird clubs a part of our facebook page.

Sydney Pet Bird Rescue

Sydney Pet Bird Rescue

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