A Hand Raised Bird for Christmas?! The Perfect Present!!

Not sure what to get for Christmas?? Well we have the perfect present for you – a hand raised bird from Birdsville!!

What better present for your partner, sister, brother, friend or child? In store now we have a variety of species for you to choose the perfect present!!


Princess Parrots

Peach Faces


Indian Ringnecks in a variety fo colours

Mallee Ringnecks

Lutino Scaleys

Mollucan Red Lories

Black Capped Lories

Purple Crowned Lories

Moustache Parrot

Sun Conures



Olive Rainbow Lorikeet

Cinnamon Rainbow Lorikeet

Musk Lorikeet

Normal Scaleys

Lutino Musk Lorikeet

Little Lorikeet

With Birsdsville offering you such a fabulous range or hand raised birds you can’t go wrong for the perfect pet or the perfect present!! Don’t delay they are in store now – and only two weeks till Christmas!!!

One thought on “A Hand Raised Bird for Christmas?! The Perfect Present!!”

  1. Oh my gosh, how betiauful is that bird. What fabulous colour.Your right better than pigeons any day.Although we do now have green parakeets pretty much in most areas of London now, but they seem to stay away from people, I expect that's very wise of them. Much loveLiaxx

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