Cage Up Your Pesky Relo’s This Christmas!

It’s that time of year again! Christmas is here, and what better christmas present for your family, friends and loved ones than a gorgeous hand raised bird! We have all sorts of different varieties in store so you will find the perfect bird to suit everyones needs!

Just to give you an idea here are just a few of the amazing variety we have in store at the moment:

Cinnamon Green Cheeks

Latino Rainbow Lorikeets

Blue Fronted Amazons

Eclectus Parrots


These are just a few of the amazing species in the shop! It’s a great atmosphere in the shop so please feel free to bring the kids down and experience all the amazing birds! They can even have a hold if they like (make sure you ask one of the attendants on the floor to help you out). There is also a special on Cages at the moment with up to 20% off some brands – another option for the perfect present!

Dont miss out on the perfect presents this year head down to Birdsville and pick up a brand new family member or a new cage for the current family member! We look forward to seeing you soon!

What Bird Should You Take Home Today?!

In store today are some exquisite hand raised birds all of which will be a life long friend! The only question you need to answer is ‘what bird should I take home today?!’

Birdsville is offering some unique birds – such as Vos Marie Eclectus Parrot – to the list as well as some gorgeous hand raised regulars such as Cockatiels, Lorikeets and Quakers.

Now is a faulous time to come down to the store and choose which bird you prefer!

Hand Raised Birds In Store Now:

Vos Marie Eclectus

Male and Female Yellow Crowned Amazon

1 female, Double Yellow Headed Amazon


Moustache Parrots

Plum Headed Parrots

Sun Conures


Purple Crowned Lorikeet

Red Collar Lorikeet

Rainbow Lorikeet

'Brenda' in store at Garden Life!!

“Brenda” one of Birdsville’s most loved Eclectus’s is currently making a name for herself at Garden Life – a lovely nursery/cafe located in Surry Hills on Cleveland Street.

Head down and visit Garden Life and our lovely ‘Brenda’ and entertain yourself with her antics and of course with the lovely array of plants, flowers, and beautiful products currently selling at Garden Life.

And why not make a day of it and visit Birdsville as well  – maybe you can pick up your very own ‘Brenda’!!!

Check Out Our Newest Hand Raised Birds – New In Store Now!!

With lots on offer Birdsville is a popular sanctuary for bird lovers, children and families, and now with even more to see it’s the perfect time to bring your kids into our friendly Birdsville store to see and learn about the birds!

With hand raised birds available to play with and flying about the store it is a wonderful entertaining place to visit with the kids on school holidays.. And why not take one home to keep them amused all day!

With new baby Cockateils, Dusky Lorikeets, Rainbow Lorikeets, female Eclectus’s and Sun Conures their are plenty of hand raised birds to entertain your family and friends!

All these birds and more are in store now at Birdsville, come and visit us and take home your very own bird to play with!!

Hand Raised Birds In Store NOW!

The Birds at Birdsville are chirping away with all their new friends that have arrived! We have a fabulous range of hand raised birds in store now, from Eclectus’s, to Quakers, to Lorikeets and more.

Below is some of the newer hand raised birds:


Yellow Crowned Amazons

Blue Fronted Amazons

Green Cheek Conures


Sun Conures


Scaley Breasted and Rainbow Lorikeets

Eclectus – both male and female

Peach faces

Balck Capped Lorie’s

All of these birds are hand raised and the perfect playmate for anyone! Lookingf for a loving entertaining and fun companion then a hand raised bird is the perfect choice!

Get in quick and choose your very own chirpy companion from our wide range of hand raised birds.


Cockatiels On Special This Week Only – And Don't Miss the New Hand Raised Birds In Store Now!

Hand Raised Cockatiels on special this week only, get in quick this gorgeous hadn raised Cockatiels are the perfect pet for anyone old or young!

Not only that but we also have some fantastic handraised Major Mitchell’s. These birds are aviary bred and beautifully hand raised – truely magnificent bird to own!

We alos have White Cockatoos coming soon! They are aviary bred and hand raised – contact the store now on 9667 2555 to check on their arrival as they are popular so you will need to get in quick!!

Come visit us now with all these fabulous birds  you will find something to suit no matter what specie!

Christmas Tweats…

In store now lots of little tweaty birds waiting for someone to love!

Don’t miss out Christmas is upon us  and everyone is racing to find the very best present for there friend or family – and we have the perfect thing, New in Store fabulous hand raised birds.

Cinnamon Green Cheeked conures


Sun conures


All of these can are hand raised and so much fun to play with, they make the very best pets!!! They are going quick so don’t miss out, get down to the store today!

We are open Christmas Eve 9am to 5pm and closed over the Public Holidays.


Need Presents for the Kids?? How About A Baby Rabbit or Guinea Pig!!

New at Birdsville, Baby Rabbits and Guinea Pigs!! The perfect Christmas Gift for any child is a new baby rabbit or guineapig. Easy to look after and fabulous first pets, or second or third – for any child to wake up to on Christmas morning.

Give your Son or Daughter something they will treasure for years to come and enjoy endless hours of fun while teaching them responsibility!

Get into Birdsville quick as stock is running out fast or call us and put a deposit down for your very own baby rabbit and guineapig!! 9667 2555!!

A Hand Raised Bird for Christmas?! The Perfect Present!!

Not sure what to get for Christmas?? Well we have the perfect present for you – a hand raised bird from Birdsville!!

What better present for your partner, sister, brother, friend or child? In store now we have a variety of species for you to choose the perfect present!!


Princess Parrots

Peach Faces


Indian Ringnecks in a variety fo colours

Mallee Ringnecks

Lutino Scaleys

Mollucan Red Lories

Black Capped Lories

Purple Crowned Lories

Moustache Parrot

Sun Conures



Olive Rainbow Lorikeet

Cinnamon Rainbow Lorikeet

Musk Lorikeet

Normal Scaleys

Lutino Musk Lorikeet

Little Lorikeet

With Birsdsville offering you such a fabulous range or hand raised birds you can’t go wrong for the perfect pet or the perfect present!! Don’t delay they are in store now – and only two weeks till Christmas!!!