Gold Finch

Gold Finch for sale sydney


Gold Finch
Gold Finch

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Available at birdsville Gold finches are only available 5 months a year from april to august

Natural distribution of gold finches

Native to europe, central asia and north Africa, Gold finches now call the australian bush home  Introduced into australia in the 1860s they are found in south eastern australia including Tasmania.  They are often seen in parks, settled and farm land areas especially places where scotch thistle grows.

Breeding Gold finches 

These birds will breed in a large aviary or a flight cage.It is best to breed this species one pair per enclosure.  Gold finches breed during the warmer months and should be provided with a canary cup nest for breeding.  The hen will lay 3 to 5 eggs and only the hen will incubate the eggs.  Incubation takes 13 days.    During breeding feed extra protein in the form of live insects, meal worms, fly pupae and some egg and biscuit.  Feed a good quality canary mix with niger seed and hulled oats.

In a mixed collection assess individual birds and keep an eye on them as many will be fine but some individuals may be aggressive to there neighbours

Sexing gold finches

This can be difficult as both sexes look similar, The male usually has more red on the face which extends past the eye and the beak is usually slightly larger and longer than the female.   The female usually has more brown on the wings especially at the shoulder of the wing.

Sydney Gold Finches
Sydney Gold Finches

Diet for gold finches

SeedImportant-Feed a good quality canary mix and add niger seed and hulled oats.  It is important to get the diet right with these finches as they will not thrive on wrong diet.

Important seeds needed consist of , Pannicum, japanese millet, rape seed, maw seed, french white millet.

Millet sprays-

Greens– are an important part of the diet for gold finches.  This can be provided in the form of fresh seeding grasses, dandelions, kale, endives, silverbeet, mung beans,

Egg and biscuit– high in protein Gold finches will readily consume egg and biscuit mix, This is an important high protein supplement for gold finches and essential for breeding Gold finches.

Live food– should be offered such as meal worms and fly pupae.

Grit– Always ensure a good fine shell grit mix is available

Vitamin supplement– Add vitamins to water regularly


Gold finch in flight
Gold finch in flight