Tri Coloured Parrot Finch

Tannibar Finch or tri colour finch for sale Sydney

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Natural Distribution and Habitat

Native to indonesia they are found on Tanimbar and surrounding islands inhabiting lush grassy area’s.

Tri Coloured Parrot Finch Diet

Seed– always supply a good quality finch seed your your tri colours, be wary of some supermarket brands as they may contain alot of filler seed and not be of the best quality. If you are unsure of the seed you are using ask your local bird expert.

Sprouted seed– relished by tri coloured parrot finches for info on sprouting your own seeds visit finch care

Millet sprays– a fresh seed still on the stem use either  pannicum or french white.

Greens– essential for these finches use, seeding grasses, cucumber, endive, chickweed, silver beet.

Vitamin supplement– very important for the health and vitality of your parrot finches always add via the water supply and never in dry seed.

Live food–  Essential especially when tannibar finches are breeding supply meal worms and fly pupae with a couple of pinches of insectivore mix.

Egg and biscuit formula– a very important source of protein and can be supplied on its own or added to the above live food mix.

Grit– be sure to supply a fine finch grit containing charcoal, shell, baked egg shell, crushed cuttlebone and limestone.


Breeding Tri Coloured Parrot Finch

When you have your breeding pairs set up if your cock bird is chasing the hen around this is a good sign. These finches will breed in single pairs or in a mixed collection, these birds nest well in half open finch nest boxes and even budgie nest boxes. Be sure to supply nesting material such as swamp grass and feathers for nest construction.

The hen will lay around 4 white eggs with an incubation period of 13 days.  The chicks will be fed in the nest for a further 3 to 4 weeks until they begin to venture outside.  The parent birds will continue to feed the young for a further 3 weeks as they learn to crack seed.  Be sure to feed lots of live food during the breeding process.

Sexing Tri Coloured Finches

The hen is a much duller colour compared to the male.  Juvinile birds look like the hen but have a slightly orange beak.