Breeding pairs of Conure for sale – many pairs, Aviary Bred

Full Conure collection for sale from prominent aviculturalists! Many breeding pairs for sale. All Aviary bred.

  • Sun Conures for sale
  • Janday Conures for sale
  • Cinnamon  Nanday Conures for sale
  • Green Cheek for sale
  • Slatey Head Conures for sale
  • Moustace Conures for sale
  • Princess Parrot white and yellow for sale
  • Green and blue Quakers for sale

RARE BIRD: Lutino Musk Lorikeet + other hand raised birds…

For the first time we have a Lutino Musk Lorikeet for sale at Birdsville! Be quick to come in a check it out!

Other hand raised birds for sale are:

  • 3 Musk Lori
  • 1 Olive musk lori
  • baby sun conure
  • eclectus parrot
  • 2 lutino scaly lorikeet
  • 1 rainbow lorikeet
  • 1 alexandrine

Coming this week: Hand raised Cockatiels!

Hand raised Cockatiels for sale – new in store!

Birdsville Bird Shop has just taken delivery of a few Hand Raised Cockatiels!

So if you would like some Hand Raised Cockatiels be sure to come into the store soon as they won’t last long.

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New Finch breeds for sale at Birdsville!

Birdsville has just taken delivery of some new birds for sale!

  • Pair of Cordon Finch
  • Ruddy Finch
  • Male Melba Finch
  • Pair of Red Face Parrot Finch
  • Pair of Blue Face Parrot Finch
  • Pair of Green Singer Finch
  • Pair of St Helena Finch
  • Pair of Orange Breast Finch
  • Pair Cuban Finch
  • Pair of Turk Parrot or Turquoise  Parrot
  • Hand Raised Olive Rainbow Lorikeet

Be quick as these birds are in great health and looking for a loving buyer and home!


Hand Raised Birds for sale currently at Birdsville

Birdsville is currently proud to stock some fantastic hand raised birds. We have recently taken delivery of the following hand raised birds for sale:

  • 3 Sun Conures
  • 1 Quaker
  • 2 Female Eclectus
  • 1 Male Eclectus
  • 1 Lutino Cockatiel, 8 weeks old
  • 2 Red Collared Lories
  • 1 Rainbow Lory
  • 1 Blue & Gold Macaw
  • 1 Yellow Crowned Amazon Parrot
  • 1 Pair of Moluccan Red Lories

All of these birds for sale are from reputable breeders, are in great health and are waiting for a loving owner to come to Birdsville and take home their new feathered friend!

Visit Birdsville today and take a look!

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