What Bird Should You Take Home Today?!

In store today are some exquisite hand raised birds all of which will be a life long friend! The only question you need to answer is ‘what bird should I take home today?!’

Birdsville is offering some unique birds – such as Vos Marie Eclectus Parrot – to the list as well as some gorgeous hand raised regulars such as Cockatiels, Lorikeets and Quakers.

Now is a faulous time to come down to the store and choose which bird you prefer!

Hand Raised Birds In Store Now:

Vos Marie Eclectus

Male and Female Yellow Crowned Amazon

1 female, Double Yellow Headed Amazon


Moustache Parrots

Plum Headed Parrots

Sun Conures


Purple Crowned Lorikeet

Red Collar Lorikeet

Rainbow Lorikeet

'Brenda' in store at Garden Life!!

“Brenda” one of Birdsville’s most loved Eclectus’s is currently making a name for herself at Garden Life – a lovely nursery/cafe located in Surry Hills on Cleveland Street.

Head down and visit Garden Life and our lovely ‘Brenda’ and entertain yourself with her antics and of course with the lovely array of plants, flowers, and beautiful products currently selling at Garden Life.

And why not make a day of it and visit Birdsville as well  – maybe you can pick up your very own ‘Brenda’!!!

New Hand Raised Birds, In Shop Now!!

What better Christmas present than a hand raised bird, it’s personal and perfect! These following breeds are just in and going fast, and they are ALL hand raised!!

Male Eclectus

Little Lorikeets

Cinnamon Rainbows

Mustard Rainbows

Lutino Scally

Dusky Lory

As well as Peach Faces still being hand raised – make them your own!

Get in quick as these amazing hand raised birds won’t last long!

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