Guinea Pigs

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We also regularly have re home guinea pigs, if you are interested in re homing one of our adult guinea pigs give us a call or visit in store

Our guinea pigs we sell are usually ages around 6 weeks of age, we often have package deals.

Guinea pigs can vary considerably depending on what is available at the time, discounts apply on package deal

Sydney Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs grow 25 – 30 cm long and weigh 0.75 to 1kg and live around 5 years.

Our Guinea pigs are only bred with one male at a time to ensure the genetic diversity is as good as it gets.  This was made possible by our private breeder that has borrowed many male guinea pigs over the past decade to produce a very high diversity in guinea pigs with many different patterns and colours.  Never inbreeding to produce the highest genetic diversity possible to create stunning patterns a good nature and as disease free as possible to reduce the possibility of any genetic issues.  Our guinea pigs because if this will often have a slightly longer snout and more muscular lean body.

Guinea pigs can be kept with just males or just females.  Both equally make great pets and have the exact smell which isnt bad at all as they are vegetarian animals.

Our guinea pigs are sprayed with mite and mange spray and wormed but it is recommended to do this process again a week after taking them home.

We Have been supplying our local Sydney areas Botany, Randwick, Mascot, Alexandria, Rockdale, st peters, kensington, east gardens and surrounding suburbs with quality Guinea pig food and products since the early 1980s.



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Guinea Pig temperament Suitability for your family

As small animal specialists Petsville \ Birdsville team are very proud and love our guinea pigs and are committed to matching owners with best advice, service and product range in Australia.  A gentle and vocal mammal that will greet you with happy squeeks as you walk into the room.  They have become very popular pets with kids and adults because they are so social and enjoy daily interaction.  Like other social animals Guinea pigs should be kept in herds of at least 2.

Diet of Guinea pigs

Hay is an essential part of your Guinea pigs diet this should available to them at all times and is essential for there digestive system. recommended hay is Rhy grass, Oaten, Timothy Hay and we also stock many blends with all the above.  Don’t get caught up on all the marketing hype and expensive imported hay from USA etc as we have the best quality produce in the world right here in Australia for a fraction of the price.  Just because a food item is more expensive doesn’t mean that it is better.  Many imported hays at high cost are fumigated through customs then are sprayed with molasses to make it more attractive/appealing for the animal to eat.  The biggest plus is buying Australian supports our farmers and our team at Petsville / Birdsville always try to source Australian products first.

Guinea pigs and humans are the only animals that are unable to make their own vitamin C.  Without this they will get health issues so it is important to give them the correct pellets with fruits and vegetables.

Do not get hay and straw mixed up as straw is a bedding and has no nutritional value.  Hay should be 70% of the total diet minimum.

Premium pellets should be 30% of the diet, Guinea pig pellets has essential vitamin and minerals that can not be found in hay or vegetables alone.  Recommended pellets is selective Guinea pig pellets, Vetafarm Cavy origin, peckish Guinea pellets, and Birdsville Guinea pig pellets.  Many large supermarket brands despite fancy packaging are low grade and do not contain the daily requirements for optimum health.  If you are feeding a low grade diet we would recommend supplementing the diet with vitamins available in most good small animal specialists, we always have this in stock, come in and see us.

Fruits, herbs and vegetables in moderation such as broccoli, mustard greens, apple, pear, brussel sprouts, carrots, dandelion leaves, mint, dill, parsley, wheatgrass and pea pods.  Do not feed your pig lettuce.



Guinea pig Grooming

Long haired guinea pigs need their coats brushed to stop their coats from getting tangled, Some long haired guinea pigs with a coat draping all around with need careful regular combing.  whilst short haired guinea pigs need a lot less grooming.  Guinea pig nails also need attention, usually every 5 months  Birdsville \ Petsville have a selection of nail clippers or you may visit us in store as we have a guinea pig nail trimming service for those who are not confident in doing it them selves.  Clipping guinea pig nails like any animal is a skill as you need to be careful not to clip them too closely as it may cut the blood vessel.  If this happens you will need styptic powder to stop the bleeding.  Styptic powder is also available at Petsville\Birdsville.

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