Roudybush – Formula 3


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Roudybush – Formula 3 is a hand rearing formula for hand raising Granivore birds. It can be used from hatching to weaning of the baby bird.


Directions for handfeeding with Roudybysh formula 3

Start hatchling on a dilute diet of about 10% formula, 90% water (10% soilids).  Measurements are best made on weight basis.  Volume measurements can be variable and may lead to uneven and slow growth.

As chicks get older gradually thicken the formula.  Different species will require higher percent solids at different ages.

Mix dry formula into warm water and feed as soon as possible at about 40 degrees C (105oF).  Make fresh formula at each feeding.  Never feed leftovers.  Do not supplement with vitamins or minerals.

Feed chicks at regular intervals during a 16 hour period each day.  Time feedings such that the crop is almost empty at the time of the next feed.  Fill the crop at each feeding.


Store Roudybush formula 3 in a cool, dry place.  Freezing maximizes shelf life without harming the nutrients.