Hand Raised Long Billed Corella Information

Hand Raised Baby Long Bill Corella


Cacatua tenuirostris

Long Billed Corella’s as Pets

Long bill corellas make fabulouse pets many people find the long billed corella intimidating due to the large beak but they actually have a better nature than the short billed corella.  Keep in mind these birds are extremely loud so not recommended for apartments, if noise is as issue maybe look at getting a hand raised Galah which is quiet in comparison to the Long Bill Corella

Length– around 40 cm

wing span– around 85 cm

Weight– around 650 grams

Natural Distribution and Habitat of Long-billed Corella’s

Native to Australia they naturally are found from western Victoria to southern New South Wales these birds have been introduced to many area’s of NSW by man as i have seen many feral populations of short billed and long billed Corella’s living side by side.




Diet for Long billed Corella’s

In the wild they feed mainly on grass seeds with some roots and insects.  In captivity we recommend feeding a mix of cocky seed mix pellets fruits and vegetables.

Seed– Cocky mix feed your birds a good quality cocky mix as their are some below average feeds out there.  If you are unsure of the seed you are using ask your local bird expert.

Pellets– For this particular species i find passwell parrot pellets very well suited also vetafarm Maintenance pellets.

Sprouted seed– Cocky mix is fine as a sprouted mix, but be sure to clean properly with aviclens to remove bacteria before feeding your Corella.

Greens and vegetables raw– We consider this an essential part of your corella’s diet foods including seeding grasses, spinach, zucchini, broccoli, sweet potato, pumpkin, squash, capsicum, cucumber, dandelion, corn

Fruits– Apples, pear, rockmelon, banana

Vitamin supplements- Added via the water supply there are many great brands within Australia, vitamins are not necessary if you feed your bird pellets as they usually contain added vitamins.

Calcium and vitamin D– Calcium can be added a number ways, as a grit mix, a cuttlebone or a calcium perch or via the water supply.

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