Hand raised Sun Conure for sale

Hand raised Sun Conure for Sale Sydney

Originally from South America, sun conures live for about 30 years and have lots of personality.  Conures are mono-morphic which means that it is very hard to visually determine their sex. The best way to verify the sex of your conure would be to have it DNA sexed or surgically sexed, DNA sexing would be the most cost effective way of determining the gender of your conure.



around 28 cms


250-275 grams


sun conure
sun conure

Nature of the sun conure’s

They love attention and are quite easy to train as long as they are socialised from a young age.  Conures do have the ability to talk however it takes a lot of patience and training.

Conure’s often grind their beaks as a form of self grooming, this is very common and should not be of much concern, it is also an indication that your bird is feeling relaxed.

Diet for sun conure’s

A mixture of seeds, pellets and fruit and veg.

Be sure to supply your bird with a good quality seed mix.  As some seed box packaged isnt worth the box it came in.  The bird will most cirtainly know the difference between a good and poor grain seed mix.

Pellets- There are a number of brands which can be fed to sun conures including Kaytee pellets, Roudy bush, tropimix and vetafarm pellets