Hand Raised Dusky Lory Information

Dusky Lory

Dusky Lory originated from Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Dusky Lories, like other Lories and lorikeets alike have specialized brush-tipped tongues for feeding on nectar and soft fruits. In the wild they can feed from the flowers using their specialised tongues to take in nectar.

Dusky Lories make great pets, as they are excellent talkers and form strong bonds with their owners.



Dusky Nature

Dusky Lories are popular pets due to their intelligence, entertaining personality and stunning beauty. They are affectionate, curious, extroverted and clowny and exhibit some unique behaviour. They can be taught to talk and will become brilliants talkers with a
little patience and know-how.

Young birds should be socialized to many people and exposed to a variety of situations such as new cages, toys, visits to the veterinarian, handling by friends, and wing and nail clippings and to avoid fear of novel situations.





Dusky Lories are bred is breeding boxes with nesting material available at birdsville. They reach sexual maturity at 2 to 3 years of age and their expected life span is 8+ years  provided their specific dietary needs are met. Males and females look alike and breeders depend on DNA or endoscopic sexing to determine their gender.




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