Hand Raised Purple Crowned Lorikeet Information

Purple Crowned Lorikeet


Distribution and Habitat

The Purple Crowned Lorikeet is native to Australia, they are found in the open woodland, coastal heath and mallee of south Victoria and south South Australia and forest area of south Western Australia. It is very uncommon, but does sometimes be found in New South Wales in the iron bark woodland of the Riverina and south west slopes.




The life span of the Purple Crown Lorikeet is 7 to 9 years.



Description and Sexing

The Purple Crowned Lorikeets is one of the smallest lorikeets in Australia. They are green with a dark purple crown, a yellow-orange forehead and ear-coverts, that deepens to orange. The chin, chest and belly are a conspicuous powder blue, while the thighs and under-tail coverts are yellowish-green. The male Purple Crowned Lorikeet has a large crimson patch under the wimgs when bird is in flight. The female looks very simular and has a darker iris and has a paler ear convert. The juviniles and duller in colour and lack the purple crown.



Feeding and Care

The Purple Crowned Lorikeet just like all lorikeets, in the wild, feed on nectar and pollen from flowering plants and the occasional insect