SHEP’S Lorikeet Food for Sale Sydney

Shep’s Lorikeet food for Sale Sydney

Information about shep’s Lorikeet food

In developing an appropriate diet for captive lorikeets, SHEP’S has focus on the composition their natural diets. This being pollen (dry food), as well as fruit, plant matter and nectar (liquid food). As seasons change so did the ratio of pollen, fruit and nectar available in wild bird’s diet, however the total energy requirement for wild birds far exceeds that of captive birds.

Shep’s lorikeet food is a tried and tested Lorikeet food

Together with avian veterinarian, Dr Jim Gill, they test all the accepted diet recipes and designed a complete diet which would cater for all Australian Lorikeets. The goal was that this diet would keep captive birds healthy, they would breed, their offspring would be healthy, as would the next generation of offspring, and so on. This designing and testing stage lasted more than a decade.


They developed two products known as Lori Dry and Lori Wet.


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