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Sheps Lori Dry Food for Sale Sydney

Sheps Lori Dry Food
Sheps Lori Dry Food 1kg

Why is Sheps Lori Dry Food called Dry food?

Sheps Lori Dry Food is a powdered lorikeet food offering the bird food without being mixed with water which should be fed in conjunction with the wet food fruits and vegetables.

The base ingredient in most recipes was Rice Flour and Baby Rice Cereal as opposed to Wheat Flour, which was used in other diets. With added advantage of Rice based cereal being that the dry mix would not spoil or sour in hot, or humid weather.

Sheps Lory Dry food Directions

Feed Directly as is, out of direct weather where it will not be fouled. To be fed in conjunction with sheps lori wet lorikeet food and fresh fruit. Discard unused portions daily

History about Sheps Lori Dry food.

In 1988 Shep’s registered the trademark, Sheps Lori Dry Food and begun commercial manufacture. During the Business’s early years several areas of concern became apparent.

* The use of pollen in the recipes caused issues with storage of the product, thus was removed and replaced with additional Whole Egg Powder to maintain correct protein level.

* The Baby Rice Cereal, on the market, were fortified with an iron supplement, at the same time foreign Lories were displaying Liver Problems believed to be from a built up of the iron mineral. Whilst is wasn’t fully proven that there was a link between the two, Shep’s moved to a Baby Food manufacture that did not fortify their product with iron as a precautionary measure. ¬†This is why we do recommend that people should be wary who try to make their own Lorikeet food.

* Commercial Egg & Biscuit mixes in Australia were based in Breadcrumbs mixed with Custard powder, with the occasional inclusion of Poppy seeds. These commercial mixes were found to contain no actual biscuit base nor did they contain any Egg Powder, as a result Shep’s decided to manufacture their own quality Egg & Biscuit which includes genuine ingredents (Whole Egg Powder and “Nice” biscuit base).

* The other concern was the addition of Multivitamins and minerals to Lorikeet and Lories diets, as often aviculturists would fiddle with recipes and add more again. Whilst water soluble vitamins can be excreted by the birds, fat soluble vitamins and minerals buildup over years. In 1991 Shep’s removed the additional vitamins and minerals in their mixes to ensure that the buildup would eventuate. Tears later aviculturist and avian vets in United States are now concluding excess vitamins and minerals have been responsible for Liver problems in Lories.

Sheps Lory Dry Food Ingredients

Rice Flour, Wheatgerm, Baby Cereal, Glucose, Whole Egg Powder, Bread Crumbs, & Biscuit Base.

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