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Sheps Lori Wet Food for Sale Sydney

Back in 1988 there were two basic substitute “Nector” diets. One designed for the larger lorikeets such as Red Collars, Rainbows, Scalys and Musks. The second catering for Varied , Littles and Purple Crowns. These two diets were amalgamated creating Sheps Lori Wet Food.

Sheps Lori Wet Food Diet

These diets were based on Baby Rice Cereal, Whole Egg Powder and Skim Milk Powder. A complete genuine powder, and digestibility was ensure. This was backed up with years of trails, using the “softest” of the Australian Lorikeets (the Purple Crown) and years of hand rearing for the Pet Industry. Many ingredients were discarded along the way (especially soy and soy related products). Lessons learn from Lori-Dry meant excess Vitamins and Minerals were not going to be an issue, as Shep’s removed the additional vitamins and minerals in their mixes to ensure that the buildup would not eventuate.

You may if you wish add a vitamin supplement to the Lorikeet wet mix

Feeding Sheps Lori Wet Food

many people Feed this Sheps Lori Wet Food Mixed up like a poridge but this is not the correct way to feed this mixture.  It should actually be supplied to your bird in a drinkable pourable mixture which should have the appearance of milk.  Lorikeets actually drink this mixture, simply mix Sheps Lori Wet Food with warm water.  It is of most importance that fresh food is placed every 24 hours.  Old food can curdle and make your bird sick.  You can also add some fresh apple , oranges, pawpaw, rock melon, strawberries, blue berries and or kiwi fruit and any other fruit to spice things up a little bit to the mixture.

Directions : 1 part Lori Wet to 3 parts hot water. Discard unused portion after 2 hours. * Feed as porridge: to be fed in conjunction with sheps lori dry lorikeet food and fresh fruit.

Sheps Lori Wet Ingredients

Baby Cereal, Glucose, Biscuit Base, Whole Egg Powder, Bread Crumbs, Rice Flour, Skim Milk Powder, Weetbix, Rolled Oats and Raw Sugar

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