Vetafarm Blossom Nectar

Vetafarm Blossom Nectar For Sale Sydney

Vetafarm Blossom Nectar  is a nutritious, sweet, liquid nectar supplement  for nectar  eaters, that is easy and convenient to supply. It contains a blend of sucrose, fructose, glucose, amino acid, vitamins and minerals.

Available in 500ml, 1L and 5L by order only at Birdsville.

Vetafarm Blossom Nectar for Lorikeets

Recommended for all types of Lories and Lorikeets and also Sugar Gliders.

Wild Nectar Feeders: Place Nectar in a suitable dispenser in an area where wild honey eaters, lorikeets and or suger gliders may visit.  Vetafarm Blossom Nectar makes a very good treat for pet lorikeets as they will eagerly love this food.

Many gliders are Lorikeets are creatures of habtit, especially wild ones.  Feeding them at the same time everyday will ensure they know when the food will be available.  If you feed them at 5pm everyday the birds will be waiting at that exact time.  They seem to have a built in body clock.

Many people use this as a training guide allowing them to lap some nectar up as a reward when your lorikeet behaves well or does a trick.  Using this with some clicker training techniques is a great way to train your lorikeet.

Ingredients of Blossom Nectar

Sucrose, fructose, amino acids, vitamins and minerals in a stabilised liquid formula.

A great addition for a lorikeets diet.

Vetafarm Blosson Nectar
Vetafarm Blossom Nectar