Vetafarm Nectar Pellets

Vetafarm Nectar Pellets for Sale Sydney

Vetafarm Nectar Pellets
Vetafarm Nectar Pellets
2 kg

Vetafarm Nectar Pellets significantly reduce mess, wastage and reduce the cost of feeding lories and lorikeets.  This product also stops them from squirting messy droppings.  For many this has been long awaited for many lorikeet owners.

Vetafarm Nectar Pellets is a low sugar complete diet for all Lori’s and  Lorikeets.  It is specially formulated and designed  by Avian Vets to effectively stop Lori’s and Lorikeets  form Squirting ” messy dropping and to reduce  mess and waste. Low sugar diet containing scientifically balanced nutrition replicating the diet Lories and lorikeets eat naturally.

This product keeps lories and lorikeets in a healthy weight ratio.  It also supports breeding birds and ensures premium nutrition for young.  Vetafarm Nectar Pellets supply all the essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and calcium for a long healthy life.  Everyone knows lorikeets love apples hence why these are apple flavored to make them extra tasty.

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Feeding: Vetafarm Nectar Pellets have been designed to provide a complete feed for Lories and Lorikeets.  The Delicious apple flavoured pellets are readily accepted by types of Lories and Lorikeets.  The Pellets may be fed with the addition of fruits and vegetables.    Including apples, sweet potato, carrots, spinach, green beans, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, pear, water melon, orange and or a wet mix which may include Golden Lory Rice Formula or Forest Fusion Lorikeet.

Vetafarm Nectar Pellet’s stop the quirts

General Analysis

Vetafarm Nectar Pellets  available in 350kg and 2kg, 10kg bags by order.

Crude fat – 8%

Crude Protein – 17%

Crude Fibre – 3,5%

Max salt – 0.5%