Aristopet Vitamin Drops For Birds


Aristopet Vitamins Drops For Birds For  Sale Sydney

Aristopet Vitamin Drops For Birds is a palatable, water soluble, high potency, multi-vitamin concentrate for all caged birds.

Aristopet Vitamin Drops For Birds supply eleven essential vitamins in an easy to use dispenser for addition to drinking water.

The most common diet of caged birds is a mixture of seeds. This multi-vitamins assist in providing all the essential vitamin that your bird would natural obtains in the wild, that it can no get from just seed alone.

Adequate nutrition with adequate vitamin content is essential to maintain the health and wellbeing of caged birds.

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Aristopet Vitamin Drops For Birds
Aristopet Vitamin Drops For Birds


  • High potency multivitamin concentrate
  • Formulated specifically for cage and aviary birds – budgies, canaries, finches, parrots, cockatiels
  • Provides nutrients commonly deficient in domestic bird diets – includes added iodine and lysine
  • Water soluble and easy to dose


Aristopet Vitamin Drops for Birds Dose Rate

Canaries and Finches

  • 7 drops (0.25ml) per 30ml of drinking water


  • 4ml per 500ml of drinking water

Budgies, Cockatiels, Parrots

  • 9 drops (0.3ml) per 30ml of drinking water


  • 5ml per 500ml of drinking water

In food

  • Add 23 drops per 100g of soft food or hand rearing formula – mix well

During periods of stress

For example: moulting, breeding, illness, shipping etc

  • Double the appropriate dose rates

Directions For Use

  • Add to drinking water daily
  • Change and refresh water supply daily before adding daily vitamin drops to the drinking water