Vetafarm Soluvet Liquid Vitamins

Vetafarm Soluvet Liquid Vitamins

This product does not exist anymore.

High potency liquid vitamins supplement containing all 13 essential water-soluble vitamins in a palatable form. Soluvet is readily absorbed and easily incorporated into many feed sources. It may be used in drinking water, over soaked feeds, in mashes or mixed in homemade rearing feeds. Regular vitamin supplements are necessary in any animal eating a seed diet

Recommended for: All birds on seed diets.

Can use with: Soluvet Liquid should be used in conjunction with a trace mineral supplement, such as Tracemin, and a calcium supplement, Calcivet or D Nutrical for birds on seed diets to ensure adequate nutrition.


Water: Add 2ml to 1L of drinking water or 2 drops per 50ml and mix well. Change water daily

Food: Add 4 drops per 100g of soft food or hand rearing food and mix well.