New Hand Raised Birds for sale…

Birdsville has just taken delivery of some great new hand raised birds, be quick as they won’t be in store long:

  • Hand Raised Cockatiels for sale
  • 2 Hand Raised Blue headed lories for sale
  • 2 Hand Raised Lutino Scaley for sale

Birdsville is open 7 days a week so pop in and take a look and the 1000’s of birds we sell.


5 thoughts on “New Hand Raised Birds for sale…”

  1. hi i am looking for some hand raised birds the are exotic but not as big as a ring neck . do you think you can find something that is interesting at the same time tame that would be great! if that seems to fail a hand raised budgie that would be find. i would want a lorikeet because they fling poo.

    i will hopefully visit your shop soon! kind regards


    1. Hi Alexandia,

      We are able to source quite a variety of hand raised birds from your more common types to rarer species that are hard to find, so yes, we will definitely be able to help you find the hand raised bird that you desire. What I would like to do is be able to have a chat to you in person so we can figure out exactly what would be the ideal species for you. There are many things to consider such as size, dietary requirements, the amount of attention you’re planning on giving it, cage requirements and price amongst other factors and by being able to spend some time to talk to you we will be able to find the idea bird as there is nothing greater than a loving hand raised bird – as you will hopefully soon find. So come into the store and say hi and let’s have a chat about finding the right bird for you.

  2. hi its Alexandria

    i am coming onto the store today, but you may get a shock because i am not an adult. i’m a 12 year old and will be coming in after school. what time do you close? my dad came into the store yesterday to look a the birds maybe you saw him im not sure.
    i am interested in a bird that doesn’t make much noise or quieter enough that it doesn’t disturb the neighbours. C U SOON!

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