Eclectus Care Sheet

Eclectus Care Sheet

for more info on eclectus parrots visit our 2 eclectus parrot pages, hand raised eclectus and aviary eclectus

For unweaned birds visit our hand rearing page

Bringing your Eclectus home for the first time

First 3 days–  Give your Eccy time to adjust to the new environment do not play with the bird too much or let the bird become stressed. They need some time to simply adjust to the new environment.

For the first 6 weeks– Give your eclectus parrot a wide varied diet and an all you can eat buffet with seed, pellets and plenty of fruit and veg.  I am strongly against too much seed over pellets for any eclectus but this does not include birds that have recently weaned.  As young birds that have been recently located to a new environment can revert back into the sooky baby stage and stage.  This is a risk as a young bird can stop eating and that is bad.  I would recommend new owners of birds that are weaned to still consider getting some hand rearing formula that they will happily eat off a spoon.  On the upside eclectus love hand rearing formula and i actually use this to train my birds to come to me and is a great way to get birds to bond with their owner.

Worming–  worm your bird no sooner than 2 weeks after relocating to a new home and your bird should be at least  18 weeks old.  Make sure you use a good wormer all which includes tapeworm.

Mite and lice spray– Very common pest of birds which is easily eradicated, this should be done every 3 months even if your bird is indoors.  This is easily sprayed under your birds wings and body area do not spray your Eccy in the face.

Introducing your Eclectus to an Eclectus you already own– This should be done properly as they can sometimes take time to get to know each other.  The best way is to have them in 2 separate cages next to eachother so they can see and look at each other for at least a month befor introducing them together.

Trimming your Eclectus parrot’s nails– Their are a number of cement perches available at Birdsville that will do the job for you or we will trim your birds nails for $15 in store.  If you choose to do them yourself be very very careful.

Visually check my bird is healthy

  1. Firstly the birds muscle mass around the chest area if the bird’s keel bone sticks out and the bird feels light you may need to visit a vet.
  2. Eyes clear
  3. Feathers in good condition this can vary if bird is moulting
  4. feet strong

Housing Eclectus Parrot

Cage selection

Position of cage



Play Gym



Habitat Maintenance

Your birds cage should always be kept clean with fresh clean water and food.


Diet for Eclectus

For details on Eclectus Dietary requirements see our hand Raised Eclectus Page