Quail care sheet

Quail care sheet

Quails are ground dwelling birds that nest in a shallow scrape on the ground.  Quail can pick on eachother so placing area’s for them to hide within the aviary will minimize stress on your colony.

Worming– quails should be wormed every 3 months

Mite and lice spray– quail should be sprayed with mite and lice spray every 3 months.

Diet for Quail

Seed– small parrot seed, finch seed, cockatiel seed, peach face seed or budgie seed any of the seed mixes listed are suitable for quails

Chick starter– this will add some extra protein especially important for jap quail and Californian quail.

Live food– such as meal worms are a welcome addition for all quail especially king quail

Greens– grass, seeding grasses, spinach, silver beet and endive

Fresh water– must be available on the ground at all times