Mini Lop Eared Rabbit’s

Mini Lop Rabbit’s for Sale Sydney

Rabbit Care Guide:

Mini Lop Eared Rabbit's

We also Rehome Adult Rabbits as well as sell baby rabbits, if your interested in re homing a rabbit, give us a call or visit in store to findout what re homer bunnies we have.

Our baby Mini lop rabbits are usually around 7 weeks of age, the perfect af


We Have been supplying our local Sydney areas Botany, Randwick, Mascot, Alexandria, st peters, kensington, east gardens and surrounding suburbs with quality rabbit food and products since the early 1980s.



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Mini Lop Eared Rabbit’s and Dwarf Lop Eared Rabbit’s are very similar in appearance, the only difference is the Mini Lop is small in size. Dwarf lop bunnies are considerably bigger.

With many years of experience and as a Sydney registered business, we pride our self in customer service and quality animals.

Our rabbits are well socialised and are already

Mini Lop Eared Rabbit’s are born with both ear upright and become softer and droopier as they get older. They are very sociable who like company of not just other rabbits, but other animals and their owners. i once had a lop eared rabbit which was best friends with my rooster.  It is not unusual for them to develop friendships with other animals.


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Diet of Mini Lop Rabbit’s

Hay is an essential part of your mini lop eared rabbits diet this should available to them at all times and is essential for there digestive system. recommended hay is Rhy grass, Oaten, Timothy Hay and we also stock many blends with all the above.  Don’t get caught up on all the marketing hype and expensive imported hay from USA etc as we have the best quality produce in the world right here in Australia for a fraction of the price.  Just because a food item is more expensive doesnt mean that it is better.  Many imported hays at high cost are sprayed with molasses to make it more attractive/appealing for the animal to eat. The biggest plus is buying Australian supports our farmers and our team at Petsville / Birdsville always try to source Australian products first.

Do not get hay and straw mixed up as straw is a bedding and has no nutritional value.  Hay should be 70% of the total diet minimum.

Premium pellets should be 30% of the diet, Quality Rabbit pellets has essential vitamin and minerals that can not be found in hay or vegetables alone.  Recommended pellets is selective rabbit pellets, Vetafarm Rabbit origin, peckish rabbit pellets, and Birdsville rabbit pellets.  Many large supermarket brands despite fancy packaging are low grade and do not contain the daily requirements for optimum health.  If you are feeding a low grade diet we would recommend supplementing the diet with vitamins available in most good small animal specialists.

Fruits, herbs and vegetables in moderation such as broccoli, mustard greens, apple, pear, brussel sprouts, carrots, dandelion leaves, mint, dill, parsley, wheatgrass and pea pods.  Do not feed your rabbit lettuce.

Mini Lop Eared Rabbit's


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