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Rabbit Care Guide:

Netherland Dwarf Rabbits
Netherland Dwarf Rabbit and  Chiahuahua puppy

You may want to consider one of our adult rabbit re homers, we have been re homing rabbits in the area for many years.  These rabbits can make a beautiful pets, as they are re homers the breed may vary, ask us in store if this is for you.


Netherland Dwarf Rabbits are the smallest pet rabbit available in Australia.  Our purebred Netherland dwarf rabbits typically weigh from 500g to 1.7 kg which is a similar size to a large male guinea pig Unlike Guinea pig rabbits can be toilet trained.  Due to genetic dwarfism Netherland dwarf rabbit’s have large heads in comparison to their body.

Diet for Netherland Dwarf Rabbits

Hay is an essential part of your Netherland Dwarf rabbit’s diet. This should available tto them at all times and is essential for there digestive system.  Recommended hay is oaten, meadow, rhy and timothy hay or a blended mix of the above .  Dont get cauht up in the marketing  of over seas hay from the USA and other countries as they need to gammer ray it with radiation on the way in and often spray it with sugary molasses to convince the bunny to eat it.  We have the best produce in

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the world right here in Australia and at Petsville we always have Quality Healthy fresh hay in stock for your bunny and a bonus of helping out Australian farmers.  Do not get hay and straw mixed up as straw is a bedding and has no nutritional value.  Hay should be 70% of the total diet.

Premium pellets should be 40% of the diet. Quality Rabbit pellets has essential vitamin and minerals that can not be found in hay or vegetables alone.  Recommended pellets is Vetafarm Rabbit origin, Selective rabbit pellets, peckish rabbit pellets and Petsville rabbit pellets.  We do stock the generic   Many large supermarket brands despite fancy packaging may be low grade and do not contain the daily requirements for optimum health.  If you are feeding a low grade diet we would recommend supplementing the diet with vitamins available in most good small animal specialists.

Fruits, herbs and vegetables in moderation such as broccoli, mustard greens, apple, pear, brussel sprouts, carrots, dandelion leaves, mint, dill, parsley, wheatgrass and pea pods.  Do not feed your rabbit lettuce

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Netherland Dwarf Rabbits

Space allowance area

Space allowances should be adjusted relative to the size of the rabbit, i.e., larger rabbits require more space than smaller rabbits and Netherland dwarf rabbits are the smallest breed of domestic rabbit in Australia and the world.

Flooring should be constructed and maintained to minimize injury or distress to rabbits. Material should ideally be a solid non-absorbent board and cover no less than 0.1m2 of the total floor space (or 1/3 of the total floor area in each cage). A plastic base or equivalent that is easy to clean and disinfect sucvh as vetafarm cage cleaner is recommended. Wooden or absorbent surfaces are not as affective.

Netherland dwarf | Sydney
Pure bred Netherland dwarf rabbits

Flooring should be cleaned and disinfected regularly. Any wire mesh flooring should be woven or flat (this is preferable since it is easier to clean) although this is not considered ideal flooring.  Birdsville / Petsville have a big range of indoor and outdoor enclosures for bunnies

Rabbit hutch cleaner is essential as it removes the sticky acid from the bottom of the enclosure.  This acid causes burns on the rabbits skin and can cause bad health of death.  Rabbit hutch cleaner is always available at Birdsville \ Petsille

Bedding should be clean and dry. Recommended bedding materials include cat litter, saw dust or straw. A hay tray should be provided containing good quality hay that is changed daily. Does require a nesting area or nest box. Suitable nesting materials include hay, straw, untreated wood shavings and shredded paper as well.