Lost Birds in Sydney

Lost Birds in Sydney

If you have a Lost bird in the Sydney Region Birdsville has a facebook page dedicated to finding lost or stolen pet birds. We started this up because we were getting an alarming amount of phone calls with peoples lost birds.  As someone who has lost a bird in the past I understand how upsetting this can be.  We have had many success stories as close as  50% of birds are found again so always be positive!

Birds that were lost and have been handed in and cared for by birdsville will incur the same boarding fee as all other birds boarding at birdsville.  This fee is a daily fee that all prices are on our bird boarding page.  WHY a fee, this because

Lost Bird Tips

Here are a few proactive tips for you, in case you lose your bird:

If you haven’t done so:

  1.  Make a note and even get photos of your birds identification leg ring/band. If your bird is micro-chipped, ensure the details are up to date.
  2. . Find mug shots of your birds from all angles, also, include any unique markings and any bodily defects.
  3.  Find any recording of your bird on your cell/mobile phone talking or sounds.
  4. Do not give all details out as you will get people trying to claim your bird that are not the rightful owner, yes this sounds horrible but true many people just want a free bird.
  5. contact all or any local bird or small animal specialists stores
  6. post on social media, including posting on birdsville bird is the word facebook page especially if you are close to us.  This way its easy for us to contact you if your bird happened to arrive.
  7. place some flyers in the area that your bird was lost in easy to see places.