Hand Raised Senegal Parrot For Sale – Only One Available!!

Hand Raised Senegal Parrot for sale in Sydney!! Do you know anyone else with a Senegal Parrot?! I don’t think so!!

Senegal Parrots are a rare bird, originally from the woodlands of Western Africa. With only one more Senegal parrot for sale, time is running out for you to own this extraordinary pet! Senegal Parrots are known for being comical and entertaining, with the ability to chatter and mimic –‘polly want a cracker?!’

Birdsville has one more Senegal Parrot for sale, so get in quick and be the only person you know to own a Senegal Parrot!!! 

P.s. What a great idea for Christmas?! the perfect original gift for any family or friend!


2 thoughts on “Hand Raised Senegal Parrot For Sale – Only One Available!!”

  1. Hi, just wondering if you still have the hand raised senegal for sale. If so, how old is it and has it been sexed.

    1. Hello there, apologies for the delay we have had problems with the Blog! Everything is back and up and running. If you are still interested we can order Senegal Parrots. They are absolutely gorgeous! Head on down to the shop or you can give us a call on (02) 9667 2555. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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