What Bird Should You Take Home Today?!

In store today are some exquisite hand raised birds all of which will be a life long friend! The only question you need to answer is ‘what bird should I take home today?!’

Birdsville is offering some unique birds – such as Vos Marie Eclectus Parrot – to the list as well as some gorgeous hand raised regulars such as Cockatiels, Lorikeets and Quakers.

Now is a faulous time to come down to the store and choose which bird you prefer!

Hand Raised Birds In Store Now:

Vos Marie Eclectus

Male and Female Yellow Crowned Amazon

1 female, Double Yellow Headed Amazon


Moustache Parrots

Plum Headed Parrots

Sun Conures


Purple Crowned Lorikeet

Red Collar Lorikeet

Rainbow Lorikeet