Customer review of Birdsville Bird Shop

We just found this great review from Elaine on and thought we would share it. Thank you Elaine, we  are thrilled you enjoyed your experience at Birdsville!


The first thing you will notice is how clean the store is. There are no orders, it is not dusty. The ground is not slippery from cast off seeds. This is quite the accomplishment when you consider that they have hundreds of birds pass through their store. Secondly, os being helpful. I was helped out promptly and kindly. Despite being a bit clueless about bird specifics, I never once felt like I was being judged and was treated with care and respect, even when I made a silly mistake. For instance, asking if an old female budgie was a young male budgie! Oops, my mistake. Thirdly, is being informative. Other pet stores have no clue about birds or avian health. At Pet Store X, for instance, you can point at a bird and ask, “What’s that?” and you’ll hear “Uh, it is some sort of finch, I think.” But at Birdsville, you ask and you are told not only the specific type of bird, but the sex, age, temperament, nesting habits, toy preference, dietary needs, and so forth. They actually help you find the bird you want instead of trying to sell you the most expensive one possible. Fourth, is they care about their birds. You can see it in how they handle and interact with them, how well-kept the enclosures are and how gorgeous the birds are. And lastly, is buying local. The prices at this store are excellent. I know it may be tempting to order a cage off Ebay but you really should not. The prices here are very, very fair and not only are you supporting a local business but you are also able to survey all of the merchandise and the sells they have going on! If that does not sell you, remember that the guys who work here are a blast to talk to. Not to mention, they also have a Facebook page where you can ask the professionals any sort of question. I actually discussed what bird to get on their page before ever stepping foot in the store. It did not matter that I was not a paying customer at that point, they still replied promptly! Overall, I spent about 40 minutes at the store and purchased a large cage, a cage hangar, two types of bird feed, 3 toys, cage cleaner, and a budgie. I could not be happier with my new bird and I have a feeling that I will be back in the spring to purchase a hand-reared Quaker baby. They made me a life-long customer after one visit, so imagine what they can do for you and your birdies!