About Us

Bird is the Word.

B i r d s v i l l e has lifted the bar for pet shops in Australia with our vast selection of healthy food, products, health care items, toys, pet bedding etc… all at warehouse prices.

Regarding our live birds, our customers can shop here with the peace of mind you are purchasing the best available with the information support that is essential. Our caring and knowledgeable team will guide you to making the best decision and show you our healthy feathered friends.

B i r d s v i l l e specialises in bird accessories, such as  feeds, cages, behavioural enrichment toys, avian medication, vitamins and health products, breeding boxes, transport item, just to name a few.

B i r d s v i l l e is a one stop shop for personalised informed service and products for your pets wellbeing and you will find everything your pets need including habitats, including cages, feed, health products, toys and maintenance – and dog, cat, fish, reptile and small animal feed and products.

Birdsville has the largest avian range in Australia and specialises in small mammals and reptiles.


Hand Raised Birds

At B i r d s v i l l e, you will find valuable information when you purchase a bird/a feathered friend. A first time bird owners, to the most experienced bird keepers will go home with the peace of mind, that they have bought a happy, healthy hand reared bird from us.

All B i r d s v i l l e birds are weaned (eating and drinking) independently before they leave the shop. We do not force wean our birds and feeds are not introduced until the young bird is ready – meaning some birds may take a little longer to wean. Birds become independent at their own pace and differ between species, force weaning can hinder their growth and health development  as they may not be getting the appropriate nutrition necessary. Ask our team for advice when you are in the shop next. Please note: Our B i r d s v i l l e birds are weaned so they are ready to eat seed, pellets and fruit and vegetables.

Birdsville – Bird is the word

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