Budgie Seed

Budgie Seed for Sale Sydney

Budgies diet are made up of many different seed, including Budgie seed mix, canary seed, oats, white millet, panicum, jap millet, just to name a few, but they should not be offered just seed along. A good variety of vegies, such as broccoli, spinach, beans, corns, etc., millet sprays as well as vitamins and calcium supplements should be given as well as seed.

There are also pellets and crumbles that can be offer to vary the diet, but they should not replace the seed. “Egg and biscuit” can also be given as extra feed when breeding.


Avigrain Budgie Blue

Budgie blue budgie blue seed bag Canaryseed (50%), White French Millet, Panorama, Jap Millet, Panicum, Shirohie Millet, Red Panicum and/or Hulled Oats.

50% canary makes this mix the favourite of top budgerigar breeders.




Avigrain Budgie Green

Budgie green seed bag budgie green

French White Millet, Panorama, Canaryseed (20%), Jap Millet, Panicum, Shirohie Millet, Red Panicum and/or Hulled Oats.

Sets The Standard



Plain Canary

Plain canary - Avigrain


100% Canary Seed




French White Millet

Avigrain - French White Millet


French White Millet is the seed that is most digestible for all birds, especially good for young weaning  birds and birds over weight.




Hulled Oats

Avigrain - Hulled Oats


Oats are a source of calcium, iron, vitamin B and nicotinic acid. Hulled oats are mostly feed to budgies in winter.




Jap Millet

Jap millet


Jap Millet is a small, soft, triangular shape seed, that is easily digestible by budgies.





Avigraun - Panicum Millet seed


Panicum is full of vitamins and minerals.




Millet Sprays – French White Millet and Panicum Millet

French White Millet Panicum Millet