Cockatiel Seed

Cockatiel Seed For Sale Sydney

Cockatiel Seed in which cockatiels are one of the easiest birds to care for due to their simple diet. A cockatiels diet consist of mainly seed, but they also require green and vegetables, such as spinach, bean, corn, broccoli, etc. They also require their diet supplemented with vitamins in the water and calcium (either a cuttlefish, calcium bell, shell grit or in the water).

Millet sprays are also important for cockateils, especially for young weaning bird, older bird and stressed birds. They are a great healthy treat for cockatiels of all ages.

Pellets can be offered to cockatiels to vary their diet, but they should not replace the seed. “Egg and biscuits” can also be given as an extra feed when breeding.


Avigrain Cockatiel Blue

Avigrain Cockatiel BlueFinch Blue bag


Contains: Canaryseed, French White Millet, Grey Striped Sunflower, Jap Millet, Panorama, Shirohie Millet, Safflower and/or Hulled Oats.

More Canaryseed. Bigger range of millet.


Avigrain Peachface

Avigrain - Peachface Avigrain - Peachface

Contains: French White Millet, Grey Striped Sunflower Seeds, Canaryseed, Hulled Oats and/or Safflower.

Recommended and suitable for all parrots.


French White Millet

Avigrain - French White Millet

French White Millet is the seed that is most digestible for all birds, especially good for young weaning  birds and birds over weight.




Grey Striped Sunflower

Avigrain - Grey Striped Sunflower

Grey Striped Sunflower Seeds are lower in fats and oils compared to Black Sunflower Seeds. In the right proportion it can be a healthy treat for your cockatiel, but if it is over done, there can be problems.





Avigrain Safflower Seed

Safflower seeds look simular to Sunflower seeds except for the colour. They contains proteins, nutrients and carbohydrates.




Hulled Oats

Avigrain - Hulled Oats

Oats are a good source  of calcium, iron, vitamins B and nicotinic acid. Hulled oats are mostly feed to cockatiels in winter or if the bird is under weight.




Jap Millet

Jap millet

Jap Millet is a small, soft, triangular shape seed, that is easily digested by Cockatiels.





Millet Sprays – French White Millet and Panicum Millet

Panicum Millet French White Millet