Terms and Conditions


BIRDS: Live birds purchased from Birdsville follow the subsequent policy:  For Birds: There is also a 3-day purchase policy – see clause 1. There is also a 4-week warranty in case of unforeseen illness or death, where it can be proved Birdsville is at fault – see clause 2

1. All birds must be carefully chosen; however, within 3 days of purchase, if you are not satisfied with your birds for genuine reasons, Birdsville will accept a return and refund 50% of the purchase price as per conditions listed below:
•    Livestock/birds have to be in same healthy or identical condition as when purchased,
•    Non hand-raised birds have NOT had their wings clipped,
•    Proof of purchase, i.e. original purchase receipt,
•    In the case of a deceased bird, an Avian Vet report is required, stating that Birdsville is unequivocally at fault and presentation of the bird itself, so Birdsville can obtain a second opinion.
•    Birdsville will not accept livestock/birds purchased at other shops, or online, or swapped birds from home aviaries or be responsible for customers Vet fees.
Birdsville is not liable, responsible or able to offer a refund for purchased birds that have had an accident causing illness or death once they have left the Birdsville shop. When a bird has left the Birdsville premises and has been transported, freighted and in the new owner’s environment the responsibility for the bird’s wellbeing, health, breeding problems, sickness or ailments is then transferred to the new owner.  Accountability for the bird/birds once out of Birdsville care is the new owner’s responsibility. Please Note: Birdsville stocks health care, medicines and good advice for most Avian ailments and the highly qualified team can advise customers with Avian Vets if required.

2. There is a 4-week warranty period for unforeseen illness or death if it is proven that Birdsville is responsible. Customers will need to prove they have abided by Birdsville purchase agreements, which includes the recommendation and requirement to take your bird to an Avian Vet within a week of purchase, so to have a health check – including blood tests. In the unlikely event a bird becomes ill after purchase, it needs to be reported to the Birdsville team immediately – who will assess the bird. If it is subsequently proved to have had a prior illness before purchase, Birdsville will replace the bird, medicate the bird or offer medicine and treatment for the bird, if the Birdsville management chooses. Under no circumstances is Birdsville liable to pay customers Vet fees and/or associated costs. In the case of a deceased bird, Birdsville will need immediate notification and may need an Avian Vet report and post mortem (necropsies) report stating that Birdsville is unequivocally at fault. Birdsville is not responsible or liable for any Vet fees or costs incurred. Birdsville must be contacted as soon as there is any problem regarding the bird. In the case of a bird dying within the 4-week health warranty period, from date of the purchase receipt, Birdsville requires within 2 days of death the following:

•    A necropsy (post mortem) and report from an Avian Veterinarian, showing the bird’s ID, leg ring or Microchip number (if applicable) that states Birdsville is unequivocally at fault.
•    Proof of purchase, i.e. original purchase receipt.
•    Presentation of the deceased bird (as Birdsville may need a second opinion).

For any claim or replacement being processed and accepted by Birdsville, the report must show the bird died from an underlying health issue only, not through an accident, e.g. broken neck, stress from other animals or children, picked up a bacterial infection, attacked by vermin or metal poisoning from their new aviary/environment etc…Birdsville will not be held responsible for any bird that has been purchased through us with clipped wings that manages to fly away. Clipping wings does not restrict flying all together; some birds can still master flying, so be mindful of this. Wing clipping is purely a precaution to reduce speed of flight and isnt designed to stop flight.

IMPORTANT: All birds are precious, delicate and require love and care. they are wonderful pets, however, some may become ill because of adverse climate, diet issues, fright, stress, rough handling, too much handling by many children and boredom – so special care is required. When you bring a bird to a new environment, birds ideally should be isolated from other birds at their new home for at least 2 weeks, prior to being placed in new aviary. Care with and due diligence is very important.  Remember anyone who deals with livestock there is always a risk, if you ever have any concern about your bird please bring the bird in for us to have a look or take it straight to the vet. A comprehensive care guide and instructions is available free of charge on our website. Birds give an enormous amount of love and are wonderful company, there care is worth it. We thank you for purchasing your with Birdsville.

OTHER SMALL ANIMALS: Birdsville sell animals other than birds and if so the same policy is applicable.

PRODUCTS: Regarding product refunds, Birdsville does not refund unless the product is proven faulty and cant  be replaced, Further information on our products and services is listed below.  Please choose carefully as we do not refund for simple change of mind.  

The Product must be returned to: 684 botany rd Alexandria 2015, Australia with the original invoice.

We will not refund the original shipping and handling that you paid on the order.

You must pay all associated costs of return including courier and export duties and taxes.

Failure to abide by these terms will void any obligation by us to refund you for the items.


WEBSITE INFORMATION: All care has been taken to ensure that the information contained on, and accessed through, this website is correct however Birdsville accepts no responsibility nor liability for, and makes no representations with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the information on this web site. The information contained on the Birdsville website is intended as a general guide only.
Please remember that incorrect information can be mistakenly presented on this website or any other website for that matter without intension. Therefore it’s very important to follow the information provided on an item or its packaging as an authoritative guide regardless of what is presented on this website. If your item lacks package information, please seek other trustworthy expert advice before using any product.
By placing an order via this website or over the phone you, the customer need to agree to be bound by the Birdsville terms and conditions of sale. All orders placed via the Birdsville website or over the shop phone must be done in good faith, and are considered a commitment to buy the product or item. Customer information supplied during the ordering process must be true and correct.

PRICING: Birdsville reserves the right to periodically update prices on the website. Pricing cannot be guaranteed for any period of time as new shipments costs and services change regularly. Birdsville shall make every effort to ensure prices are correct at the point at which the buyer places an order.
We reserve the right to charge what we deem the correct price in the event that our website or store displays an incorrect price for an item that may not have been updated and a purchase is made at this incorrect price, in the event that this happens the customer is entitled to a refund. If the customer decides that they still wish to purchase this item/product they will need to pay the full correct price (as set by us) before the item is dispatched. We apologies if this situation occurs.

GOODS: We do not guarantee that products you receive will be exactly the same as displayed on the photos of this website. Slight differences between the product and the website photos may vary. If the product is the new version from the manufacturer and it does not affect the functionality of the product, then this is not grounds for a refund. Manufacturers often make slight changes to products without letting us know, so it’s difficult for us to prevent this. It is usually an improvement.
Birdsville reserves the right to withdraw any goods from the website at any time and shall not be liable to anyone for withdrawing any goods from the website or for refusing to process an order.

PAYMENTS: Payments may be made by Credit Card, PayPal, Cash or direct deposit. Please note, Birdsville will not accept payments made by cheque. Birdsville reserves the right to impose limits on the transaction values for any of the payment methods we accept.

DELIVERY: Goods sold by Birdsville are transported / shipped within Australia via Australia Post, Qantas Freight (live freight) or Toll Freight (live freight). The delivery area is limited to those areas serviced by Australia Post, Qantas Freight (live freight) or Toll Freight (live freight). The delivery time for each order is based on the availability and time frames for the product(s) + shipping time. Shipping time varies from area to area, and can be anywhere up to 7 working days within Australia or more in country areas. In the case where multiple products are ordered together, the order will not be shipped until all the products ordered are available from our warehouse. In circumstances where a particular product will be delayed for a lengthy time, Birdsville will endeavor to advise the customer of the situation and make any arrangements or adjustments necessary. By purchasing you are giving authority to leave items over 5kg at the front of the premises if unattended.
Upon Receipt of Order, the customer is required to visually check the consignment for signs of damage. In cases where the consignment is damaged in transit, the customer must contact our Customer Service department as soon as possible. Before opening any product boxes, please check that you have been sent the correct product. Birdsville can only accept return products in their original condition – please refer to our Return Policy for more information.

RESERVATION OF TITLE: The title for all goods dispatched remains with Birdsville until payment has been received in full. Until title passes, Birdsville can retain, repossess and/or resell all goods. Customers acknowledge that they hold all goods from Birdsville as bailers until title passes.

RETURN POLICY: Birdsville offers a 14-day* money-back guarantee (less shipping costs) provided the product is returned unused, in the original undamaged box including all original packing, original owner’s manuals, warranty card and any included accessories, remote control, and/or power cords that came with the product. We reserve the right to charge a fee of approx AUD$10.00 or 15% restocking fee (whichever is the greater) and replacement cost, or refuse the return if the items are returned incomplete or damaged in any way. Except in cases where the product was shipped in our error or was considered to be faulty on arrival, the purchaser is required to pay all costs incurred with regard to shipping the product back to Birdsville. * Effective from date of receipt

RETURN PROCEDURES: In order to return a product(s), you can contact the Birdsville team  You will then be advised of the simplest way to return your goods. .  Upon receipt of the returned product, Birdsville will inspect the returned product. If a product is returned as defective the product will be replaced.  Birdsville Does not refund for simple change of mind.  All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Deposits:  Deposits are non refundable, as deposits are made on difficult to source items with all the hassle and effort to get the item in to then have a person to change their mind.  This is not negotiable deposits will be honored but are not refundable. Deposits on livestock is no different when it comes to re fundability, waiting for Birds to arrive or wean can vary in time.  Unfortunately we have not been capable of getting the ability to control nature so birds can be available longer or shorter than we guess.

WING CLIPPING: Birdsville will not be held responsible or liable for any bird that has been purchased through us with clipped wings that manages to fly away. Clipping wings does not restrict flying all together; some birds can still master flying. Wing clipping is a choice and is mainly advised for the  birds safety. Some owners may choose to train their bird to fly and return back to their cage, however this requires much dedication. Most of Birdsville’s hand raised birds have their wings clipped whilst learning to fly in the shop environment and for training purposes. The Birdsville team are are specialists in wing clipping and provide this service for a small charge.

NAIL CLIPPING: Birdsville overs a nail clipping service, however it is a delicate procedure and depending on the birds health bleeding can occur. Birdsville  will not be hold responsible or liable if a bird bleeds during a nail clipping procedure, as some birds have condition which cause excessive growth in the nail from poor nutrition as mentioned or other contributing factors which, in rare cases can make some bleeding very hard to avoid.

BIRD BOARDING: Birdsville offers climate controlled bird boarding with the up-most of care, however Birdsville will not be held responsible or liable in the unlikely event of accident, illness, injury or death of your bird/s whilst in the care of  Birdsville. Boarding of bird/s at Birdsville will be done at owners own risk and owners are to take full responsibility for their bird/s and its health. If any bird/s is left for 15 days beyond the estimated pick up date with no contact to Birdsville from the bird/s owner, the bird/s will be deemed abandoned and become the property of Birdsville. Birdsville can no be held responsible for any vet fee before , during or after boarding at the facility.