Birds For Sale

B i r d s v i l l e has the largest stocks of birds for sale in Sydney – native, exotic, hand raised and pet birds. Call our store for more information on what is in stock right now, as breeding seasons differ from species to species.

Birds come in a wide range of varieties, from small and cute, to large and majestic. A pet bird can be a grand attraction or a simple companion, depending on the requirements of their owners. As B i r d s v i l l e has such an enormous selection to choose from our well trained team will assist your purchase. Whether your preference is a hand raised species, or perhaps aviary birds, with the expertise of the B i r d s v i l l e breeders, you will find the perfect pet for your family or friends or if you need specialty birds for aviaries. With around 10,000 species, inhabiting every expanse of the globe from the Arctic to the Antarctic, birds are extraordinary creatures  and whether you decide on an exotic Macaw or a simple Budgie, owning a bird can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

The species of bird you choose as a pet will depend on your budget, space availability, lifestyle or the X factor – you may simply fall in love!  Our expert staff at B i r d s v i l l e will be more than happy to guide you through this process in order to get the perfect companion and after purchase you will be provided with health and care documents to guide you when you take your pet bird home or you may prefer to study our information on-line here on our website.


Exotic Species


Parrots, especially those originating from the Amazon Rainforest, are some of the most colourful and smartest of all birds, making them an attractive choice of pet to brighten up your home or workplace. B i r d s v i l l e has one of the largest collections of exotic Parrots and our expertly trained team are able to educate and assist our customers in matching the right bird to their needs. Parrots are amazing talkers and are regarded as the most intelligent of birds.

B i r d s v i l l e’s collection includes many varieties of Macaw, Exlectus, African Greys, Conures, Amazons, and Chattering Lories amongst a host of others, depending on the season. Our exotic young birds are hand raised and if we don’t happen to stock your particular favourite species we can source them for you easily.




Cockatoos can make great pets because they are affectionate, ‘cuddly’ and love bonding with their owners. This sociability and longing for affection often results in Cockatoo owners becoming addicted to their infectious personalities.

Cockatoos are beautiful, intelligent, excitable and playful. They require a medium to large cage and can live from 40 to 80 years, depending on the species. Cockatoos are also good talkers and can develop quite a vocabulary.


Lorikeets – Exotic/Native


Lorikeets come in many colours and are good birds because of their relatively small size for handling and care. They are playful and energetic birds which often form strong bonds with their owners. Due to their high intelligence, they can be easily trained and this makes them a perfect pet for both singles and families.

Lorikeets are native to tropical areas and feed on nectar and fruits, rather than seed, which means they require a simple but special diet. The staff at B i r d s v i l l e can provide all the dietary requirements and advice you need.


Budgerigars and Cockatiels


These native Australians have long been a favourite of families and individuals, not only in this country but around the World. Their personable nature, colour combinations, ease of care and size makes them a perfect bird for both the avid collector and the first-time bird owner. Both breeds are easy to pair and will breed quite easily. With training and attention they often talk, some in long and varied sentences.

B i r d s v i l l e is bound to have the perfect bird for you as we proudly stock a large collection of both breeds in an abundance of colours, both hand raised, for breeding (such as  show Budgies), and for avaires.


Finches/Weavers – Native/Exotic


Finches are some of the most beautiful and varied bird species and whilst being a favourite for serious enthusiasts, they also make a great pet for people with a busy lifestyle. They are very easy to care for and are active and entertaining. Due to their small size they don’t require as much room as other birds, therefore either a smaller cage or a larger collection of Finches are possible.

Finches are low maintenance as they prefer to play among themselves, have a simple diet and don’t require human interaction. Whilst they are unlikely to become finger tame birds, their playfulness and comical antics are guaranteed to keep you entertained. Being a very small bird, they can be delicate, so extra attention to handling and climate control is important.

B i r d s v i l l e has an expansive collection of Finches suitable for first time buyers and serious enthusiasts.




Similar to Finches, Quails are birds which are great for busy lifestyles. They are relatively small so they don’t need too much space. They are a cute pet, quiet, yet very active, as they are a ground bird, Quails are best housed on the bottom of an aviary or other enclosure where they have a flat floor.

These adorable little birds not only have a sweet personality but are low maintenance and have a simple diet.




Pigeons and doves make excellent pet birds because they are generally healthy, undemanding, inexpensive and fairly easy to tame. They are quiet with a calming, gentle voice and have beautiful features.

The difference between pigeons and doves is mostly size, doves are generally smaller, while pigeons are bigger and stockier. Once tamed, these species can become your closest companion, always seeking some attention and returning to their cage without being prompted.

Birds For Sale