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Re-homing Parrot’s of Pet Birds in Sydney

RE homed mcacaw

Sydney Pet Bird Rescue is a Legitimate premises No kill Shelter and no charge.

We recommend you visit Sydney pet Bird Rescue at Birdsville address which is 684 botany rd Alexandria 2015.  

As a proper premises we are not attached to bird markets and sales and our keen animal attendants who come from animal welfare backgrounds such as vet assistants, the rspca, zoos and other areas of the pet industry and many juniors working towards their goals in the animal industry.  Our team always have our animals’ best interests at heart and that’s why we hire them.  As anyone can create a facebook page and or website It becomes quite confusing as there are so many facebook pages with lost birds and re homing alone, many illegitimate pages designed to collect birds that are not a registered business.  These may be attached to online sales and market sales. 

We have never said no to any Healthy pet bird that needs to find a home, as long as we have room as we find homes for Many of small parrots to budgies, finches, conures, cockatoos we have even re homed many macaws.  Our Facebook page we use to re home animals that are a bit difficult to find a home.

Parrot re homing sydney
re homed parrot Sydney

Birdsville has been in the area since 1983 and has found loving homes for many thousands of re homer birds over the years and continues to do so.

Our team cannot re home wild birds that belong in the wild or sick bird as we are not a Vet.  We have a page on our site with a list of recommended avian vets in Sydney.  However, we can re home your parrot/cockatoo if it is plucking as this will not infect our other parrots and a behavioral issue not a disease.

The main reason we will not accept sick birds into our store in the simple fact that it puts our livestock in store at risk.  We do help find homes for all healthy birds and sometimes we will take in birds that have plucked them self or been plucked by another bird, as it’s not a health issue but a behavioral issue.  We believe in giving all birds a fair go.  A plucked bird can often be told apart from a sick bird a number of ways, firstly where the feathers are missing, as the bird can only pluck feathers it can reach with its beak.  With Cockatoos, you can also see a healthy chalky beak and a dust covering as birds with beak and feather or French molt will not have this.  Birds with dirty feathering are more likely to have an illness and we will not accept them unless they have a vet report stating otherwise.  If we suspect any bird has an illness, we will not accept them. Another way to tell if a bird is a Plucker is to visually see the bird removing its own feathers and lastly many birds have been checked by an avian vet to rule out any other health issues.

Pippi one of our re homers that found a loving family

Our re homers if tame and comfortable with people all get turns to play on the play gym.  Some birds that may have aggression problems won’t be out for the obvious reasons, but we will find these animals suitable homes in aviary conditions if needed.

Owning a bird is a very rewarding experience, however it does come with a great deal of responsibility.  Some bird owners find them self in a position where they feel they need to give up their bird, this could be for a number of different reasons although giving up an unwanted pet should always be a last resort.  we do appreciate in some circumstances giving up a bird is the right thing to do. It can be a distressing time for both you and your bird so it must be done the right way.   This is where we have helped thousands of unwanted birds find a forever home and also assisted bird owners’ peace of mind when coming to this difficult decision.

We have never said no to any bird needing a home the only conditions are we cannot take license birds without licenses, wild birds or sick and injured birds as we are not sydney wildlife and we are not a vet.

milton the amazon found a loving home

Bird Re Homing Sydney

We understand deciding to rehome any pet isn’t an easy decision, so we do offer a free of charge drop off and try to make it as simple as possible for you give your pet Bird a second home.

Our re homing hours are Monday to Friday 9:30 to 4:30pm, Saturday 10am to 4pm and Sunday 10 am till 3 pm. We are then open for an hour after this time, but this will give the time to be set up and settle in to the surrounding before it is time for the lights to be turned off.  The lights usually do not come on again until 5 in the morning when the first cleaner arrives.  Bring your Pet Bird in any day of the week but recommend emailing Birdsville or Call beforehand as we have members of the avian family regularly coming in from vets and the public all around Sydney.

We would be appreciative if you brought your Bird in a cardboard box or suitable carrier depending on species unless he feels more comfortable on your shoulder.  If you are not sure what to do with your Bird enclosure and accessories and food as they often can be used for our rescues you are welcome to bring them in as well.

Your Bird will be originally placed into an enclosure with its toys for a period of time, depending on its condition and ensure they are in perfect physical and mental condition for re homing. Here they will be fed an excellent high-quality diet of pellets, Quality avigrain seed fresh fruit and vegetables. They will be wormed, and mite sprayed. Please notify us if this has been recently done.  When they have settled in, we will bring them if they are comfortable with humans out on the play stands to be socialized with our birdsville team and customers.

If they have a particularly hard time adjusting to the environment, which is very rare we will work with them one on one to make the transition as calm as possible.

Optional but recommend in order to make the whole process easier on the bird, we ask that you could bring a sheet of paper with any information about your Bird being re homed such as name, age, likes and dislikes, suitability with kids etc. (the new owners will appreciate knowing some of the history). if there are any toys or favorite treats that they are particularly attached to it is recommended to bring them in too, as it will help them adjust.

We have a huge range of devoted supporters who open their hearts to re homed birds and we have never failed to find re homed birds a new family.

If you are considering re homing your Bird and have any more questions, please feel free to email, call and pop in and have a chat with the team, keep in mind that we are not a chain but an independent business and because of this we are very busy with a lot of demanding animals and people it can take us a while sometimes to get back to and reply to emails but we always will.

Our address is 684 botany Rd Alexandria 2015 it is a bright yellow building with parking out the front.

6 parrots we re homed,at Birdsville

How Our Bird Rescue started

We never planned on re homing Birds and small animals in such a big way, it just happened, almost like a calling. We traditionally back in the old days were a Bird shop that specialized in all things avian, as we grew and through the team’s knowledge and interests, we somehow diversified into a Bird Boarding and re-homing facility. Our goal was to offer customers a unique experience by becoming Australia’s leading avian and animal specialist, while trying to achieve this we noticed a lot of people with circumstances changing and the need to find new homes for their beloved older pets. This was a turning point, as most places only sold baby animals, but we understood the necessary for the older animals to go to the right home and have proper care.  We have always had the rule that we will only sell animals that we can re home, it all snow balled from there and here we are today.


Frequently asked Questions
  • How long does it take to find a re homer bird a loving home?  –  averaging 7 days, some can take a day, and some can take a month or so.  Sulphur crests and large parrots are the most difficult as they have very specific requirements.
  • What does a person need to re home one of our parrots – The person must have knowledge and understand what the animal being re homed needs.  They need to be aware of and have the size of enclosure the animal needs.  They also need to be aware of the Birdsville will and have the right refuse anyone who doesn’t have the correct requirements for any animal.
  • Where are our birds kept during their stay to find a home? – This depends on the species of bird during their short stay, we have holding cages for canaries and finches, Enclosures for parrots and cockatoos.  Hand raised parrots will have turns coming out on the play gym, and some will be in our open enclosures.
  • If i decide on re homing my bird can i bring in the cage, toys and accessories? –  yes, but only if they are rust free, if they have any rust, please throw them out.  Toys your bird is familiar with can help them settle into the new environment when they arrive.
  • What if I change my mind and want my bird back? –  if we have found a home for your bird we cannot reverse the process, but if we have not found a home for your bird, we will charge you our normal boarding fees for the amount of time they have spent in store.  Our boarding fees can be found in our boarding section of this website.
  •  What does it cost to re-home my bird or to adopt a re-homed bird? – We do not charge the original owners bringing in any kind of bird that needs to find a home. We do charge a re-homing fee for the new owners, this allows us to keep our doors open and pay for our rents, staff, food, out goings etc.  Often the charge doesn’t cover our costs but our team love finding homes for these adorable animals, and we will continue to do so.  There re homing fee is relevant to the specific bird and is case by case.  Some birds are different varieties, and some need special attention, hand raised or aviary.  We do not want people wanting a re homer because it is a “cheap bird”.  Our goal is to find them a permanent and loving home.
  • What is the process of us finding a bird a home? –  Firstly, we will not let a bird go home to just anyone, we will find the right home for the right bird. The pet bird needs to be brought into us, we will get any information that you have, and we will set the bird up in an enclosure.  People friendly birds will have turns to come out on our play gyms. As we have been finding birds homes for over 40 years we are very well known and have many regular customers and bird lovers who visit us when they are looking for a new family member.  Our Birdsville team always prefer birds kept in pairs, when possible, unless one bird is aggressive, we will recommend re homed birds for people in certain situations.  As every bird is different with a different history it’s a case-by-case basis.  We will vet the new owner to make sure they have either experience or have done their research.  In order to adopt one of our Birds The new owner will need to have the correct enclosure for the kind of bird to make sure they have plenty of room to keep them happy with behavior enrichment toys and correct diet etc.
  • Can we get in contact with the new owner? – By law due to privacy reasons we are unable to give out personal contact details, but we request all our new adoptive families post us updates on our visitors posts on our Facebook page.  Many people have connected through this our Facebook page.
  • Can we re home my birds together? – We do try our best to re home birds together, but it can be difficult, and we cannot guarantee they will go together.  The reason this is it can be quite difficult as most people we, re home a bird with already have a bird at home and are looking for a similar aged friend to partner them up with.
Pet Bird rehoming
Corella we rehoming
Lost birds Sydney area

Birdsville has a Facebook page Birdsville bird is the word, dedicated to finding peoples lost feathered companions if you or a friend have lost a bird this is a great place to get the word out as we have a number of local people and vets in the local Sydney area and bird clubs and many bird groups as a part of our Facebook page.

Lost birds that have been cared for by our Birdsville team will have to pay our boarding rates.

Sydney Pet Bird Rescue
Sydney Pet Bird Rescue

Above is the play stand that we let our tame Rescue parrots out to have a play, we rotate the parrots, so they get turns to have some play time.

More information coming soon.