Double Yellow Headed Amazon

Double Yellow Headed Amazon

Double Yellow Headed Amazon on a Harness
Double Yellow Headed Amazon on a Harness

Double yellow headed amazons are very intelligent, affectionate and have an incredible speech capacity.  Like all amazon parrots these birds love to be the center of attention.  Due to there high intelligence these birds will test the boundaries especially with in-experienced bird handlers so experienced bird owners are recommended for owning one of these parrots.



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juvinile double yellow headed amazon
Juvinile double yellow headed amazon

Distribution and Habitat of double yellow headed amazon parrot’s

The Double Yellow Headed Amazon is native to Mexico and Central and South America. Their natural habitat is open woodlands, forest and tropical zones.




Description and Life Span of Double Yellow Headed Amazon’s

A mature Double Yellow-headed from beak to tail is approximately 35 to 37 cm’s in length and is mostly green in coloration.  The head is yellow with the yellow extending down to the throat. The bend of the wing is yellow and red. With a pale bone coloured beak and the iris orange red in color. Juvenile birds have a smaller yellow patch on the forehead and brown iris. The older the bird is the more yellow extends down its neck.


A juvenile and mature Double Yellow Headed Amazon
A juvenile and mature Double Yellow Headed Amazon



Diet for Double Yellow Headed Amazon’s

A varied diet consisting of seed, pellets,  fruits and vegetables, fresh water, nuts and soaked or sprouted seed should be a sufficient diet to maintain these parrots.  A varied diet is essential to keep your bird healthy and the plumage vibrant.  To keep your bird interested the mix of food supplied can be changed from day to day.

Pellets recommended by birdsville are Kaytee pellets Roudy bush, vetafarm pellets and tropimix.

Like all amazon parrots the double yellow headed amazon is on a see food diet.  They see food and eat it so be aware that your amazon does not become over weight.  So feed nuts and sun flower seeds sparingly.

Fruits- such as melons, oranges, bananas, grapes, passion fruit, star fruit, apple, pomegranates, almost any kind of fruit imaginable is good for your bird. Full of taste and various vitamins, fruit is a great source of nutrients and is a favorite among the vast majority of pet birds. Always remember to remove and discard any leftovers after serving. This prevents bacteria growth inside of your pet’s cage!

Vegetables- all thoroughly cleansed such as broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, capsicum, spinach, beetroot and peas.

Never feed any parrot avocado, onion, caffeine



Housing for double Yellow headed Amazon’s – Cage’s

The Double Yellow Headed Amazon is one of the largest parrot in the Amazon family, They are very active parrot, they require signification space to move around their cage and stretch their wings, as well as plenty of toys to play with, space for food and water bowls, perches and swings. All this should be keep in mind when selecting a cage, the key rule to remember, that bigger is always better.


The cage must have a metal grate above substrate to stop contamination of old food and dropping. The wiring on the cage, need to be strong as they have powerful beaks.


Perches should be rotate from time to time, to avoid repetitive stress of a single perch. Perches should be on different thickness.



Enrichment – Bird Toys

The Double Yellow Headed Amazons are very active, intelligent birds, so it is important to provided them with toys to simulate their minds and avoid boredom. Select toys such as swing, rope, wooden, acrylic and leather.