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Finches are very popular caged birds. Here at B i r d s v i l l e we have an average of 40 different species of finches anytime. If you ever watch them closely you will see how amazingly beautiful they really are! Finches are odourless and are very quiet birds with some only making a “peep peep” noise from time to time! This makes them perfect pet for people who want a quiet environment, even just watching them in their cage is very peaceful as they go about their many natural behaviours!


Diet for captive finches

To keep finches in tip top condition they should be given a varied diet.  A good quality finch seed mix is essential and must be supplied to have any success with most varieties of finches when breeding.  If your unsure of the quality of seed mix you are using ask us when you are next in store or ask a bird expert.  People with experience breeding finches will know better than anyone.  Believe me the finches will know the difference between a good quality seed mix and a poorer grade.  Millet sprays are also great fresh additive for all finches.

Depending on how many birds are in an aviary for each pair i recommend a blended mix of a pinch of each of these products, insectivore mix, greens and grains, egg and biscuit formula, 6 meal worms, fly pupae or maggots all supplied in  a plastic or stainless steel container.  Some of our finch breeders also add to the mix a pinch of a seperate mix which contains poppy seed, hulled sun flower seeds, wheat germ, flower corn meal, and couscous.  Some breeders supply termites to there birds but these are difficult for most people to source.  In conjunction with this diet a small piece of cucumber should be provided i use the lebanese variety.  Other greens suitable are endives and kale.

finches for sale

Finch Breeding

Finches will readily breed in captivity with some species being more difficult to breed than others and other being quite easy. Different breeds require different nests, some will nest in a box, cane nests or even a cup, and this just depends on the breed. Finches can also be kept in the smallest amount of space due to their tiny size. However, in saying this, there is no such thing as a cage too big for any bird. Bird swings are also very good for finches as this keeps their body strong and healthy from the exercise!

List types of Finch:
Bengalese Manikin
Black Headed Siskin
Black Throated
Blue Capped Cordon Bleu
Blue Faced Parrot
Chestnut Breasted Manikin
Cut Throat
Diamond Firetail
Double Barred
Gold Finch
Golden Song Sparrow
Green Finch
Green Singer
Long Tailed
Madagascar Wearer
Orange Breast Waxbill
Pictorella Manikin
Plum Headed
Red Browed
Red Cheeked Cordon Bleu
Red Faced Parrot
Red Siskin
Sea Green Parrot
Saint Helena
Tri Colour Parrot AKA Tannibar
White Headed Nun
Black Headed Nun
Yellow Rumped Manikin