Zebra Finch

Zebra Finch for sale Sydney

Male Zebra Finch for Sale
Male Zebra Finch for Sale

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Zebra finches are the ultimate begginers bird because they are very affordable, easy to maintain and breed.

 Taeniopygia guttata

Diet for zebra Finches

Seed– Zebra finches are primarily seed eaters so a good quality finch seed mix will bring the most out of your Zebra finches especially if you desire to breed them.  If you are unsure of the seed mix you are using ask your local bird experts

Sprouted seed– A great supplement be sure to wash the sprouted seeds thoroughly with aviclens before feeding your birds to remove bacteria.

Greens-such as seeding grasses, bok choy, endives, chickweed, silver beet,

Egg and biscuit formula– will have your birds looking good and ready to breed.

Live food– Mostly eaten by zebra finches when they are breeding this includes meal worms and fly pupae with some added wombaroo insectivore

millet sprays– Relished by all finches

Grit– A proper finch mix with charcoal, crushed shell, crushed cuttlebone, baked egg shell and limestone, never put shell grit in the seed.

Vitamin supplement– This is supplied in the water, vitamins are wasted if they are supplied in the seed.


wild zebra finches
wild zebra finches

Breeding Zebra finch’s

Breeding season usually begins when a male zebra finch is introduced to a female.  They breed all year round and unlike most finches will breed from a very young age.  some will breed as young as 4 months old.  It is best to breed with birds over 8 months of age.  Zebra finches will breed in any finch nest available aslong as they and there babies can all fit in side. Always make sure there is more nesting boxes than pairs. Supply nesting material for your finches in the form of swamp grass and feathers. (available at birdsville). After finches have raised there babies and they have all left the nest remove all old material from the nest and let them start a fresh.

These birds will breed in an aviary situation or in a small cage or nesting box.

Though they will breed all year round its best to give the birds a break from breeding during the winter as the hen’s can have issues laying eggs in cold weather.

There is usually a clutch of 5 eggs and incubation usually takes around 12 days.  Not all the chicks are born on the same day.

(Important to feed your birds egg and biscuit during this process)

Zebra finches usually leave the nest at or around 21 days after hatching.  Most chicks will manage to return to the nest befor night fall for about the first week.

The babies still take some time to learn how to crack seed and will be about 6 weeks old befor they do so.


Zebra Finch Mutations

Domestication of Zebra finch’s with careful breeding has produced a plethora of colour variations.

The most well known colours or mutation are black-face (any colour), black-fronted (any colour), silver, cream, white, fawn, grey, grey pied, charcoal, fawn pied, grizzle and yellow-bill to name a few.


Wild Zebra Finches
Wild Zebra Finches on a windy day