Passwell Lorikeet Delight

Passwell Lorikeet Delight for Sale Sydney

Passwell Lorikeet Delight is a treat bar.  It contains dried fruits including paw paw pineapple and banana. Suitable for all lorikeets and lories including fruit eating parrots.

Key features

  • Fruit treat specificaly designed for lorikeets
  • No seed or starches to aid digestion
  • Edible gelatin binder not glue


Bird treats from Passwell have been formulated specifically for lorikeets and include added protein.


 Lorikeet Delight the perfect treat

A great invention this is the only treat designed for lorikeets that is neither liquid or powder, a much welcome change and is actually one of our best sellers.

 Using Lorikeet delight for training

Passwell Lorikeet Delight is actually a very good training tool for lorikeets.  Because Lorikeets are nectar feeders its difficult to train Lorikeets with rewards using normal nectar.  Using the delights which lorikeets love they will eagerly try to please you for another nibble of their favorite treat.

Feeding guidelines for Passwell Lorikeet Delight

Feed as a treat to pet or aviary birds. hand from cage using attached wire. Feed over open tray to collect any wastage.  Caged birds are prone to over eating and obesity so limit intake to one 75 gram bar per week.

Passwell Lorikeet Delight
Passwell Lorikeet Delight

Ingredients in Passwell Lorikeet Delight

Paw paw, pineapple, banana, apple, saltanans, apricots, dates, honeydew, cranerries, gelatin, Citric acid, Vitamins and minerals.  Seasonal variation in ingredients may occur.

Pack Size

Individual bar minimum weight 75g net.

Available in cartons of 24 x 75g bars