Painted Finch

Painted Finch care guide

painted finch male
painted finch male
Stagonopleura pictum

Other names Emblema finch, Emblema finch, Painted finch

Description and sexing Painted Finches

Length 10 cms, weight 12 grams.


Breeding Painted Finches

These finches breed well in medium to large aviaries.  In the wild these birds will nest on or close to the ground as their is few large tree’s in their native habitat.  So nest’s should be provided in different places and hight’s within the aviary.  Half open nest boxes work well with Emblema finches. The birds should be provided with swamp grass and emu feathers.  The male will do most of the nest construction. During breeding it is essential that live food is provided such as meal worms and fly pupae to provide them with important proteins to feed the young.  The hen will lay 3 to 6 white eggs which take about 14 days to incubate.  The young fledge in about 3 weeks and wean the babies for atleast a month until they are capable of cracking seed for them self.


Natural Distribution and Habitat of Painted Finches

Native to Australia these desert finches extend from the Western Australian Coast, across to the Gulf of Carpentaria into western QLD.  These birds live in small flocks around water holes.  The Habitat usually consists of rocky areas with small shrubs and spinifex grass.


Painte finch
Painted finch

Diet for painted finches

Seed– Always feed your painted Finches a good quality seed mix especially if you desire to breed them as the need to be in good condition.  If you are unsure of the seed mix you are using for your finches ask your local bird specialist.

Sprouted seed– Always clean thoroughly with aviclens before feeding to your birds.

Millet sprays– Relished by all finches this is a fresh seed still on the stem, French white would be most recommended followed by pannicum

Greens– Seeding grasses, milk thistle, dandelion, chick weed and broccoli

Vitamin supplements– There are many vitamin supplements available in Australia which must be ved to your birds via the water supply vitamins in seed is wasted as finches hull the seed they eat.

Live food– meal worms, fly pupae served with some wombaroo insectivore mix.

Egg and biscuit formula– Especially good for painted finches.

Grit– Feed a decent finch grit that contains roasted egg shell, charcoal, lime stone and fine crushed shell



female painted finch for sale sydney
female painted finch



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