Passwell Avian Delight

Passwell avian delights for Sale Sydney

Passwell Avian Delight are a range of seed, nut & fruit bars which are all protein and vitamin enriched. Shell grit is included to add calcium.

Varieties include:

Budgie, canary and parrot delights

  • Seed treats enriched with protein and vitamins for health and vitality
  • Specifically designed for these birds to cater to their individual needs
  • Shell grit added for calcium to keep bones and feathers in good condition.

Combo, Nutty and Fruity Delight

  • A delicious variety of fruit, seeds and nuts
  • Shell grit included to add much needed calcium
  • ideal for quakers, ringnecks, alexandrine parrots, conures, large parrots and cockatoos
Parrot delight
Parrot and combo delight

Passwell Avian Delight Nutty and fruity delight


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