Aristopet Wormer For Birds

Aristopet Wormer For Birds for Sale Sydney


Aristopet Wormer For Birds as in Ornamental Birds is used for the control and treatment of roundworm in your caged bird. Roundworm infestations can be associated with weight loss, poor appetite, diarrhoea, retarded growth and severe debilitation


Administer by diluting in drinking water. Dilute by adding 25ml to 1 litre of drinking water or 0.5ml (8drops) to 20 ml of water.

Use this as the sole source of drinking water for 24 hours. Repeat treatment after 14 days. Medicated drinking water should be freshly made before dosing. This dilution rater provides a dose of 40mg/kg body weight based on an average body weight of 30g and consumption of 5ml of liquid a day. Further dilution may be required in hot weather to compensate for increased water consumption.

Do not use in food producing species of animals.

Precautions: Do not administer in extremely hot, dry weather or treat birds under stress or feeding young. If worm problem persists, consult a vet.

Available at Birdsville in 30ml and 125ml bottles.