Diamond Firetail Finch

Diamond Firetail Finch care guide

Distribution and Habitat of diamond the Firetail finch

The Diamond Firetail Finch is found South of Adelaide, throughout Victoria and Eastern New South Wales to just over the great dividing Range. They also Occur in North to lower Queensland.

These birds spend much of their time on the ground eating seed they inhabit woodland area’s with open scrub and grassy plains.

Diamond Finch
Diamond Finch


 Breeding Diamond Firetail Finches

Diamond firetail finches can be bred in a colony of their own kind or in a mixed collection with other finches.  Given the right diet and conditions are good breeders.

Nests suitable are nest boxes they will also breed in thickets of bush if your aviary is planted.  Be sure to supply swamp grass and some broader grasses for nest construction.  They will also use white feathers to line the inside of the nest.

The hen will lay around 5 white eggs.  Both birds will share in the uncubation process which will take 14 days.  The young will remain in the nest for a further 4 weeks before they begin to venture outside.  They will be fed for a further 4 weeks after leaving the nest as they learn to crack seed.

It is important to increase the amount of live food mentioned below to the chicks while the parents are raising the young.

Sexing Diamind Firetail Finches

A difficult finch to sex.  The tail feathers on the male are velvet black as the female has a brownish tinge, The head on the male is slightly larger and wider across the crown than the female

Compatibility with Other finches

These birds can mix well at times or be quite aggressive so it is advised to mix these birds with similar sized finches such as java finches, chest nuts,  cut throat finches, etc.


 Diet for Diamond Firetail Finches

Seed– Be sure to feed your birds a good quality finch seed.  This is very important to keep your birds healthy and especially if you desire to breed them.  Be wary of some supermarket brands as they have alot of filler seed and of a poor quality.  If you are unsure of the seed you are feeding your birds ask your local bird expert.  Vitamins should only be fed to finches via the water supply.  If it is in the seed it is wasted

Millet sprays– A fresh seed on the stem, french white millet spray is a favourite of finches.

Vitamin supplement– This comes in many brands but for them to be effective they must be supplied in the water supply.

sprouted seeds– be sure to wash it with aviclens thoroughly befor placing them on the menu.

Greens– Very important for breeding  Diamond firetails such as seeding grasses, cucumber, endive, chickweed, milk thistle, silver beet, dandelion, chicory and broccoli.

Live food– Meal worms, fly pupae, live termites if possible.  Serving these up with a pinch of insectivore is recommended.

Egg and biscuit formula– Available at birdsville and most Pet shops.

Grit– Feed a fine grit consisting of charcoal. crushed cuttlebone, baked egg shell, shell and lime stone.


Availability and Licencing

Diamond Firetails are regularly available at Birdsville or by order.   A licence is required to purchase these birds in NSW. A licence is easily obtainable from National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS).

When purchasing your bird make sure, the breast condition is good and has muscle, the vent is clean, the feet and mandible are clean and free of scale, the feathers in good condition and not puffed up, the eyes clear.