Green Finch Information

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Green Finch
Green Finch
 Carduelis chloris
Natural and un Natural Distribution and Habitat

As the name suggests these birds are commonly found in western Europe and has a range spreading as far south as Africa and Turkey. These finches were introduced into Australia and have adapted well to the cooler area’s in southern NSW, Victoria and South Australia.  They inhabit woodlands and gardens.


Diet for Green finches

Seed- A good quality seed is essential for the health and vitality of gold finches.  Feed i part a canary seed mix with the other part of the diet consisting of niger seed,rape seed and hulled oats.

Sprouted seed-  An important part of the diet add

Millet sprays- French white millet or painicum

Greens- An Important part of the diet for green finches use seeding grasses, endive, silver beet, broccoli leaves, chick weed, dandelion, flowering heads of milk thistle to name a few.

Vitamins supplements- An important addition to keep your green finches in top condition add vitamins via the water supply

Live food-  Only eaten by green finches during breeding season.

Egg and biscuit formula-  A very important addition for gold finches all year long especially when breeding.

Grit- Use a fine grit mix consisting of charcoal, crushed cuttlebone, shell, baked egg shell and limestone


Breeding Green Finches

Breeding season begins in october where the female will construct a cup shaped nest just the same as a canary nest also available at birdsville using nesting materials such as coconut fibre, swamp grass and cotton wool.  She will lay around 4 eggs cream eggs with brownish red dots.  An incubation period of 14 days the young will not leave the nest for a further 3 weeks and will continue to be fed by the parents for a further 2 or 3 weeks.  A green finch Hen can have up to 3 broods in a season.

Sexing green finches

Not the easiest to sex the male is usually brighter in colour especially the yellow than the hen.

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