Green Singing Finch

Green Singing Finch care

Natural Distribution and Habitat

I was lucky enough to see these finches in the wild in Africa February 2013 in northern Kenya which made my day early that morning.  Native to Africa They are found over much of central African including Ethiopia, senegal and Kenya.

green singer for sale sydney

Green singers can be found in woodland and savannah area’s.  The birds i witnessed were in a cultivated area and it seems these birds have adapted well to human encroachment. Below is a photo I captured of some wild green singing finches in Kenya im proud of this photo as it is the only time I have ever seen them in the wild.


Wild green singing finches
Wild green singing finches
green singer breeder sydney
green singer male

 Diet for Green Singing Finches

Seed– A good quality finch mix for green singers is essential of you will see their health slowly decline over time with the feather plumage if placed on a low grade seed.  Be wary of many supermarket mixes as they may not be of the best quality.  If you are unsure of the seed you are using ask your local bird expert. Other seeds which are enjoyed by green singers include niger seed, maw or poppy seed, and sun flower kernels.

Sprouted seed–  Loved by all finches but be sure to wash thoroughly with aviclens befor feeding to your birds.

Millet Sprays– Relished by green singers they will take pannicum or french white.

Fruit– apple, fig, pear

Greens– Essential for green singers such as seeding grasses, dandelion, clover, chickweed, silver beet, spinach, endive

Vitamin supplement– An important addition for green singers this must be fed to your birds via the water supply.

Live food– Meal worms, gentles and fly pupae will be eaten by singers and especially important during breeding season. This can be fed with a few pinches of insectivore mix along with the egg and biscuit formula mentioned below.

Egg and biscuit formula–  Loved by green singers and especially important for these birds when breeding it may be fed mixed with water or dry.

Grit–  Use a good quality grit mix which has baked egg shell, crushed cuttle bone, shell, charcoal and limestone.


clover is great green singer food
Green singer finch
Green singer finch

Breeding Green Singing Finches

Green singers breeding will last from March through to November and will nest in canary nests, wicker cane nests, and half open nest boxes high in the aviary.  Nesting material such as swamp grass, coconut fibre, cottonwood, white feathers and seeding grass stems must be supplied.

The hen will lay around 3 softly spotted eggs with an incubation period of 13 days.  The cock bird will feed the hen while she incubates the eggs.  The young will not leave the nest for a further 4 weeks and will continue to feed the young for a further 3 weeks as they learn how to crack seed.

Sexing green Singers

Young birds are difficult to sex but adult birds are easily identified as the female seed below has a band which resembles a necklace around the neck which is absent in the male bird.


hen green singer
hen green singer


Green singing finch
Green singing finch

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