Lovebird and Peachface Care Sheet

Lovebird and Peachface Care

Bringing your Lovebirds Home

First 3 days

First 5 days

Worming-  worm your bird no sooner than 2 weeks after purchase and for baby birds no younger than 12 weeks of age.

Mite and lice spray- this should be done atleast every 3 months which is simply sprayed on your bird under the wings and around the rear end.  Do not spray your bird in the face.

Introducing new birds to existing birds- place in a separate cage for 2 weeks so they can see each other and get to know each other.  Some lovebirds can be quite aggressive to new arrivals so keep a close eye on your birds.  It is recommended to place sulfadim, sulpha 3 or sulfa aid in the water for the first week when introducing any new birds to reduce any stress and stop any loss of birds.

Is My bird Healthy and what to look for



Sprouted seed-

Millet sprays-



Veg and greens-


Vitamin D supplement-

Vitamin supplement-

Do not feed your bird- Lettuce, cocoa, onion, avocado or alcohole

Housing Lovebirds

Cage selection-

Play gyms-

Position of cage-




Bird baths-


Habitat Maintenance

Always keep the environment clean with bird friendly cleaners.