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Amadina fasciata

Breeding Cut Throat Finches

I had heard some people have had difficulty in breeding these finches which surprised me as i used to have cutties in a mixed collection with zebra finches and star finches and i couldnt stop them breeding.  I believe my success was due to there diet as i found having good habits with feeding finches will have a huge effect of the success of breeding.  I always fed my birds a good quality seed mix with a supply of protein in the form of life foods- meal worms and fly pupae, egg and biscuit another form of protein and greens, seeding grasses, endives, spinnach and finely chopped vegetables.

I also had more finch nest boxes than i had pairs of finches which i believe is imperative for any breeding colony of birds.  For nesting material swamp grass and feathers.  The parents will have around 5 eggs.  The chicks will remain in the nest until they are about 21 days of age and will be weaned and capable of cracking there own seed when they are about 5 weeks of age.  You will be able to tell the males from females by this time as the male will have a slight red slash under the neck.

 Diet for Cut Throat Finches

Seed– Always provide your birds with a good quality seed mix, this is essential for your birds to be in good condition to have success when breeding.  Be wary of some super market mixes as the box if often much better quality than the seed inside.  If you are unsure of the seed you are using ask your local bird expert.

Sprouted seed– Relished by all finches but be sure to wash thoroughly with aviclens before feeding to your birds to remove bacteria.

Millet sprays– A fresh seed still on the stem, we stock a couple of varieties of millet sprays which are all good for cut throat finches but i would recommend french white millet sprays to be the best.

Greens- Seeding grasses, chick weed,

Vitamin and mineral supplement– Many good brands of vitamin supplements for birds available in Australia, this must be added to the birds water supply to make sure that birds actually receive the vitamins and minerals.

Life food– Cut throat finches love meal worms and fly pupae this is especially important when birds are breeding. Live food can be added with wombaroo insectivore mix

Egg and biscuit formula– A supplement high in protein which id great for Cut throat finches especially when breeding.

Greens– essential for good health cutties love silver beet, spinach, seeding grasses, broccoli and chick weed

Shell grit– is essential for calcium i recommend a shell grit mix which contains limestone, crushed cuttlebone, shell and charcoal.


Male and female cut-throat finch
Male and female cut-throat finch


Natural distribution and habitat of Cut-throat finches

Native to northern Africa they inhabit semi desert area’s where surface water is obtainable.  Commonly seen in villages and farms where they can be in large numbers.


Hen cut-throat finch
Hen cut-throat finch




cut throat finches
cut throat finches males

Male and Female Cut Throat Finch