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This article we will discuss different options in getting into various areas and options in the animal industry.  We will also discuss roles within our animal keepers including animal husbandry, animal products, retail, fulltime employment and casual, and peoples pathways to work in the animal field.

One of Sydney’s most diverse animal specialist shops, that came from humble beginnings as a Bird Specialist almost 40 years ago to now adapting into Australia’s leading Small Animal Specialist retailer, boarding facility and adoption center.

While we do specialize in small animals in small animals and reptiles, we do have a full dog and cat range as well.

Birdsville/Petsville customers come from far and near for our vast variety of products, outstanding customer service, extensive knowledge and hands on experience. We strive to give the best advice and service second to none!

We have exciting career opportunities for people with the right stuff, and who not only love pets, but the people who love their pets.

We also hire through our volunteer programs, our Road to Success program (existing team members moving up through the business) and CV’s we have had handed in and placed on file.

We are looking for people who want to further their career in sales, retail, customer service, or animal industries, who are determined to work with a team to achieve results and move up the ranks, expanding skill and knowledge in all our fields.

We’re looking for motivated and talented people who enjoy what they do and thrive in a sales environment.  If you share our love for the pet parents we serve, the merchandise we sell and the work we do, then this is a place for you to build a rewarding career.

Our team come from a collection of animal experts with different backgrounds including zoos, vets, animal welfare, other pet shops, business and retail. We also have a great group of budding young juniors that are always expanding.

If this sounds like you and you are interested in joining our team, please email or pop in store with your CV and cover letter, please don’t forget to tell us why you want to work with our team.

Below is a list of what we are looking for in successful candidate and duties you may be required to perform.


Animal husbandry jobs

Successful candidates will tick many of these boxes.

  • Real customer service focus with an ability to WOW our customer.
  • Highly motivated and proactive
  • High integrity
  • The ability to communicate to all levels with ease.
  • Composure under stress and pressure
  • A determination to succeed.
  • An eye for detail
  • A hands-on approach
  • Not a princess, willing to muck in and get the job done.
  • At least 2 years’ experience working with a high volume, disciplined retailer (preferred not essential)
  • Strong merchandising skills
  • Commitment to the care of pets
  • An interest in animals, their care and willingness to improve animal welfare.
  • Work well in a team environment.
  • Have an interest in the products we stock, knowledge of how they work and how to use.
  • Knowledge of reptiles, husbandry, products and enclosures
  • Knowledge of fish, aquatic care and water testing
  • Knowledge of birds, husbandry, product and care
  • Knowledge of cats, care and products
  • Knowledge of dogs, care and products
  • Knowledge of small mammal, such as rats, mice, rabbits and guinea pigs, husbandry, products and care
  • You must be reliable and determined to meet our high standards.
  • Willing to be flexible regarding working days, hours and be able to work least one day on weekends.

*As part of your responsibilities, you may be required to lift heavy items (e.g., bags of seed, grain, shell grit and dogfood).

Animal welfare and husbandry

  • Maintaining, cleaning, enclosures and behavioral enrichment for all animals
  • Acting as the first point of contact for the shop’s existing and new customers
  • Till operation, serving customers and directing them around the shop.
  • Handling customer queries and complaints on a day-to-day basis.
  • Recording and maintaining customer records and sales inquiries
  • Keeping calm and professional when dealing with difficult customers
  • Giving expert advice on product selection to customers and thinking outside the box
  • Arranging window and shop displays (and special promotions)
  • General cleaning and maintenance of the shop.
  • Ensuring all animals are health checked every morning and afternoon.
  • Ensuring all animal feeding routines are done correctly.
  • Maintaining aquariums and aquatic care
Full time jobs with animals

All our fulltime team members work 4 days on a weekday and 1 day during the weekend.  These days can vary depending on what days are available for your role in the company.

Casual and part time jobs with animals

To obtain a full working day shift during on the weekend casual team members will need to start a minimum of 3 hour shift during the week. Often after school for students or a full day during the week if available.


How to get experience in the animal industry

One of the best ways to get into the animal industry is to work or volunteer in the animal industry.  This can be with vets, zoos pet shops, anywhere business that has animals.  You will learn a lot just working with animals and will grow your experience.

How I got into the animal industry I Personally started volunteering with vets and later volunteered at pet shops, which was Birdsville after volunteering for some time I was then employed by Birdsville under lez Lenton.  These days the shop was a lot smaller and only had birds After a few years of employment I then got a job working for pet pacific which gave me a broad range of experience with dog, cat, and fish and aquariums. During my employment I did a certificate 3 captive animal course.  With this experience under my belt and some years in the animal industry, I then applied to zoos as this was my dream job.  I landed a role as a zoo keeper.  We have had many staff come through our company and successfully grow their career in the company becoming managers at the company or going on to other industries such as zoos or vets.  Some of our managers over 40 years have left and managed other companies that are not animal based.  Birdsville is now also Petsville and has a wide range of livestock and products.